?!?!? Why do people complain that Blizz doesn’t listen ?!?!?

They really weren’t. First I ever heard of it was when Blizz announced the rework.


Can’t say they’ve been listening, especially recently(Sombra changes), now they’re gone missing.
Hey it’d be cool to see them again come up and say “look for this hero we actually have/don’t have things coming for x hero, just be patient.”

We do not get that. I think words from them chills the overall tensions on the forum. At least we know. Even if they come to say nope, we know. We’re in the wild right now.

He is UP as all hell in anything but the most cheeesey of cheese strats that are easy for anyone above silver to deal with

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The fact you guys actually think “the aren’t doing anything” is ridiculously. These guys all work full-time real life jobs. They are working day in and day out and the player base is not obligated to know their daily dealings.

I didn’t ask about their private life.I want them to update us on what they’re working on


Literally that was 2+ years ago during beta.

They reworked him last February, then nerfed him because his rework made him OP, and now he sits in the gutter as the worst hero.

I have 2 megathreads that have gone ignored by Blizzard.

Then I also have a poll thread that asks NOM-Bastion players and Bastion Players how they want Bastion buffed. BOTH sides agreed that he needs lower spread and HS added back:

Oh, and lets not forget the Mercy rework, which basically everyone wants her reverted, and they just dump everything Mercy related into her megathread which they ignore.


They listen more than people give them credit for.


takes a look at the mercy thread they abandoned

Oh yeah… They listen all right.

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They could at least type some words in a box every year or so to address the fact that heroes are being left unchanged and unacknowledged, when they are in need of Major changes…

They could at least have the common courtesy to do that… but do they?

It’s been a year and a half since we got word about Bastion, and it ended with being nerfed so hard that Bastion went from being a widely talked about problem, to a forgotten mess.

Out of sight, out of balance concerns i guess…

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Because people can’t differentiate between listening and not doing exactly what they ask for.

I mean they haven;t reverted Mercy yet so they obviously must not be listening right? it couldn’t be becasue they think its a stupid idea or disagree with the design choice.

You can look at patch notes for balancing changes and see quite a few things that have been mentioned by the community at one time or another. Like asking for Lucio’s aura to be made larger. Sure it may not have been the 15 or 20 meters people were asking for, but it was still a change that had been discussed and then implemented. THe same thing goes for a lot of changes.

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That is what I have been saying

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Well i want reaper to not be underpowered garbage so i feel ignored.

Mercy has received more attention than any hero. Obviously not being ignored.

Was more talking about how the thread gets locked for 24 hours all the time and they just stopped caring.

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Literally every single one of your examples was addressed at one point or another. All of these heroes have been adjusted, some more than once. They don’t always get it right on the first try but they are constantly addressing issues with heroes. Maybe bastion has been pushed back because the need is greater for other heroes right now. I guarantee they will come back to bastion. But as he stands, he isn’t an immediate issue.

And yet it was unrelenting how people were trying to say that Mercy got less and less fun with each nerf to the point we all forsaw a bland hero by the time she was balanced. And we were right on that front


Just ueless outside of the cheesiest of cheese strats and a lot of people who want to try and play him more often,

Then again what can they do, they changed Sym into a new hero and couldn’t even get her into B tier with a blank slate.

Because they do not?

if they did this game wouldn’t be so terrible (regarding balancing).

They say they read all of our posts but they don’t. Especially regarding Mercy. That and EVERY rework shows that they really don’t listen.

Geoff does NOT play Sombra at all and he talks about how he was ‘shocked’ that it was met with negative feedback. If he read feedback and LISTENED then he would’ve done something better?

But no, he pat himself on the back and considered the rework a success because it made her easier for HIM to play.

There are several examples of Blizzard not actually listening to our feedback.

When they do, it takes them years (LFG, Avoid, Report system on console)

They do it when it fits their narrative.


My concern with balancing anything is that each and every hero will slowly turn into a cookie cutter type. Every time they come with a new interesting idea they end up having to change the abilities or nerf it into something that’s a mirror of another hero. Like they did to Symmetra. Unless the gameplay changes some to allow for more exotic ideas then I believe balance could be an issue.

Poor Sombra :frowning: I actually miss when she was an emp bot.