Why the lack of Customization?


Id still like some nicer human hair options. The one on dwarves with the braid in the back is gorgeous.

I want the blood elves to have lightforged customization. a clear thematic difference with the void elves! light vs void

Big beards for ALL!!!


I hate beards. But I support you.

Here are more images of some of the new character customizations taken from the new article, 9.1.5 Content Update Preview. Be sure to take a look at what else is to come in 9.1.5. :blush:

Additionally, we saw your requests for having the Void Elf tentacle hairstyles to have a tentacle-free option. The team is looking into adding this customization option in 9.1.5 as well. Thanks again for all of your suggestions!

Lightforged Draenei


Void Elf


Wow, thanks for the communication and information!

It really does help when people can see things are being worked on.


Any chance we can get the pure black hair some void elf npcs are already using?

Edit: Male NPC is Duskrunner Lorinas, not sure about the other.


:hugs: :hugs: :hugs:


While an additional decent void elf black / white would be nice, really appreciate this. It’ll be awesome to be able to make a character similar to Alleria and like the rangers of the old Alliance. As a fan since Warcraft II, thank you!

Re-subbed to show support. I also can’t wait to play my LFD more and re-customize my Nightborne.

Linxy best CM confirmed.


Yeah, this should be a pretty easy hot-fix in just to really fix things for the race temporarily until we get an actual pass. Files are literally already there.

I just want my nightmare ranger to look as close as he can until the actual real pass. ; - ;


Trickling in and just showing us bits and bobs, not even everything just a bit (some surpises for the PTR are nice!), builds hype and shows us that our requests are being listened to.

Also, can’t wait to finally play my Nightborne alts. That’s a huge upgrade. Holy crap.


You are the greatest GM I’ve seen for a decade. Thank you for responding back to the community. I hope you’ll also take a look at the “reconstruction Azeroth” thread I had and forward it to the devs to see if they are interested.

I would also love to see Void Elves getting Brown/Black/White/Maroon hair with new hairstyles in the future that’s not tentacles as well!


Why show off new natural options on a void elf? Does this mean they will be locked to the first void elf skin tones and not new pure ones?

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You do realize that despite having natural options it will remain a void elf, yes?


Because void elf is the parent race and “high elf” is the subrace?

Why do people on copium still don’t understand what a subrace is?
I still can’t play a Wildhammer, I guess.


I don’t think anyone’s gonna deny that. Maybe TRP3 is the only thing that’s going to label someone as high elf.

But isn’t this a good chance for other race folks to ask for their customization anyways considering the GMs love to hear more accessibility than limitations? I think it’s a great chance.


It’s even funnier when they spent weeks / months / years trying to deny us customization for one of our own races, and then when we get it, turn around and go “It’s still not x, y, z anyway!”

Like, okay? So you admit you’re a troll and wasted all that energy on something that doesn’t concern you?

Also, you’d think they’d be happy with the Nightborne customizations. After all, they kept derailing high elf customization threads with requests for Nightborne. Just like the blue eyes for blood elves, it seems to have no impact. They’re once again more sad that we got something.

Funny that. :thinking:


Very naive of you to think that. Very naive indeed.

Here I am on my Blood Elf waiting for something dramatic to happen so I can have dark ranger or San’layn options.

Listen. I am all for you guys to get that. I think it’d give more accessibility for people to RP as that and make your own enjoyment of this game.

At this point, I don’t want anyone to keep gating others from getting what they want. I think the best option to move forward to make this game healthier is more “what can we do to allow more players to enjoy their customization”

At the end of the day, glamour is the end game.


This is great news, change in hair color would make my void elf more like a high elf, who he RPs as.


iT’S StIlL NoT a HiGH eLF

It’s still not a Wildhammer.
It’s still not a Sandfury troll.
It’s still not a Grimtotem.

Can ya’ll get some common sense, please?