Why the lack of Customization?

So we was told their wouldn’t be customization added for allied races and that they were focusing on the base races, however the Void Elves got a lot of attention. It’s about time we get some options for Nightborne and Lightforged Draenei. Theirs countless request still today asking for more customization options for Void Elves, even though they already recieved plenty. Spread the love around and don’t be greedy. Some of us still don’t have anything at all. This is just a request thread hoping that some of the allied races will get some attention and quit being ignored while others are given far too much attention. If you were to be true to your word, you wouldn’t have added Void Elves so much while neglecting other races.


ya it is bad , delete alans shaman it ruin the fraction idenity !


Cause they just started adding in Sl they be slow give them time. Took awhile for any new stuff at all.


They already have more customization, they’re just holding it back for that trickle player satisfaction


I understand that they added this stuff in Shadowlands, however when they say “Allied races won’t have customization options for now” Then proceed to add them for only Void elves. It’s a little bit unfair. Just in the future don’t say their won’t be something, then add something for only one while giving the others nothing at all. Y’know?


There slow void elves lightforged got skimped bad few others. They probably will do more for everyone next expansion it just dont seem like they are interested in it like they should be. Void elves more popular idk

What did void elves get? Not being a jerk, but the last time I created one they had like 5 hairstyles and none of them were really appealing to me, so…?


Void elves actually got more than Bloodelves, and they’re a core race in this game. That’s the point i’m trying to make. Meanwhile Mag’har Orcs, Lightforged Draenei, Nightborne, Vulpira, Pandarens, Got nothing at all.


The 5 new hairstyles, plenty of new faces, plenty of new skin tones, Look at Bloodelves, they only got one new skin tone and 3 new hairstyles.

Only option Nightborne got was bald.

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Honestly, more than lack of customization for the AR, I would like to see them finished. Several of them were obviously released unfinished.

KT females have no facial animation to speak of, and it makes them creepy to look at. I like my KT lady and since they were a huge selling point of the BfA expansion, it would be nice if someone actually finished them.

The Nightborne are clearly unfinished. They have almost zero customization and honestly they shouldn’t have even been released if the team had no intention of finishing them out. They’re embarrassing to be honest. They need serious attention.

The Vulpera people did a really good job. They should be the standard example for the people who worked on the other ones. Look at the Vulpera. See how finished and complete they are. The entire thing smacks of a kid who didn’t start his homework until midnight before it was due, and then he turns it in half-arsed hoping he can still get by.

They’re just not finished. The released them all before they were done. So…finish 'em.


Was this before or after the SL prepatch customization additions? Or during? I’ve missed something D:

Not only the races need more work but heritage armors for half the races have been basically forgotten it seems.


The amount of customization in WoW is pathetic for how old it is.

  • No height sliders. 16 years later and everybody on every race is the exact same height.
  • Druids are “master shapeshifters” yet can only turn into 5 animals. And if you play horde, your only race options are some variation of troll or tauren. Can we have more race options please??
  • No high heels. No capes like the one Arthas wore in the Culling of Stratholme.
  • No tier sets in BFA and none in SL yet
  • On Human, some skin tones are locked behind a certain face? What???
  • Hair clipping is still here. Elf ears clipping. Please fix this. Or design gear with it in mind like you did for the Sprite Darter transmog on the cash shop (lol)
  • Make more sexy armor like Glorious Plate and Vanguard. Or that robe from AQ40 (I think).
  • Nightborne customization…LMAO
  • Stop designing armor on the Human skeleton only. A lot of sets look absolutely ridiculous on so many other races.
  • Can’t customize our character stance
  • No animations for staves while casting
  • Night elf ears need to have an even shorter option. Again, they look ridiculous IMO.
  • Let trolls wear shoes. Tauren, Worgen and Draenai make sense, but there is no excuse for trolls
  • Why can we not play as buff trolls like Kazra’jin in Throne of Thunder? Or the forest trolls in the Hinterlands??

I’ll add to this list as I think of stuff. Biggest question for me is where is all the money WoW makes going??


I don’t know, I’m tired of even thinking about it. Seems like they don’t put money into making new things for players if they don’t have too. They gave us the dark skins, advertised it, and stopped. This company doesn’t care. I am not blaming the people who work to create things we use, but the company itself not supplying resources. That’s my best guess.

“Hey look guys we added skin tones and hairstyles that should have always existed into the game finally!” And no we don’t have plans to do any more customization this expansion.

Enjoy your three new hairstyles if you play one race! (That look like crap)


Fun fact. Way back in the games alpha or early beta builds druids had the ability to disguise themselves are critters so they could gank unsuspecting people passing by


It’s a shame that classes have nothing today that makes them unique. Look at how basic they made Survival hunter. It even has a tough time surviving xD

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Perhaps if they took the time to listen to their players instead of streamers (Not talking about the ones with great ideas) then maybe the game would be doing better. Perhaps Blizzards productivity would be better too. I know Covid is a thing but so many businesses are back in work now, no real point in having a lack of content, lack of features and customizations for a game we pay each month for. Hoping they will improve soon. I have been playing this game for 16 years now, it saddens me to see the shape its in, and the approach Blizzard takes, or lack their of taking to manage a game we all love and care for, otherwise we wouldn’t be here.


I imagine the AR/core race customizations being cut, like most other things, were and is due to a staff caused shortage of resources and manpower… I’d say wait till next expansion and see if they smooth things out. I imagine that if WoW survives this we’ll be seeing many of the things they’ve deemed “impossible” in the past added…


Personally i would love full body sliders, nothing drastic but the option would be a HUGE improvement.