What's Changing (and Not!) in Season 2

Crafted items didn’t get an upgrade they just got new craft-able items that reward a higher gear level

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no azerite gear never WF/TF ever this was discussed long ago.

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IMO, this is half of what’s wrong with modern WoW. No sense of growing power for our characters. Your effort only matters for content 11 levels below you, because everything else will just be reset to match your power level (mob health, etc).

The other half is of course the completely arbitrary RNG rewards (different rewards for the same level of effort, like from emissaries) and RNG on top of RNG on top of RNG.

I hate everything about this.


Where are the PVP vendors?

Where are the PVE vendors for gear (not mounts) etc.

Why is there a “pause” on the Artifact “knowledge” ? That seems weird and clunky. It basically says “unsub these months and come back when there’s an easy catch-up.”

What about class improvements?


this isn’t as big of a deal as you make it out to be as gear will by far make up for the difference in difficulty rather quickly. besides they’re downgrading your keys automatically to coincide with the step-up in difficulty.

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We’ve heard this feedback a lot, and we agree. In Season 2, emissary caches and similar rewards like Assault wrapper quests will award loot based on your spec (or loot spec, if chosen) instead of your class.

Standard world quests will continue to provide rewards based on class rather than spec, for two reasons:

  1. You can see the exact reward up-front, and choose whether or not to do the content if the reward doesn’t interest you. This also can offer a way to shore up weak off-spec slots without worrying that you might miss out on a major upgrade.
  2. If world quest rewards were spec-based, it might seem like the right behavior to cycle through your specs when evaluating potential rewards for every world quest, especially early in a tier, which seems like pretty annoying gameplay.

But neither of those reasons applies to something like emissaries or Assaults, where you don’t see what the reward will be until the end. And as you say, it can be frustrating if it’s for a spec you have no intention of playing, or it can simply feel like a bug. So we’re changing it.


This is a pretty big deal to me as dungeons used to be my favourite part of WoW.


ok the gear itself cant… but is it possible for the tokens… a little bit of a different item, also the legion tokens could wf/tf so its a valid question.

I can see the point if you have alts that are in the process of gearing out, but if you’ve been playing all along an been steadily gearing out through natural progression, even progression through M+, you should have the ability to handle the upgraded difficulty with ease, as I said gear is rather easy to obtain through many sources, an they’re downgrading new keys to make up for the new difficulty level of M+. an with this new downgraded key it’ll allow you to progress to a new level you feel comfortable with.

you’re buying the token at a set ilvl rating and the gear obtained from that specific token will be a random piece at that set ilvl rating. this is like the legion tokens sold from both the BS an argus vendor, except these tokens reward a fixed ilvl reward set by the token itself.

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Can we get the old leveling system back? Where we could just blow through the first 100 levels? I get people miss Classic but can we not implement that in the current game? Can we save that for when classic comes out? I find it a waste of time now to level a starter toon all the way up to max level because it now takes forever. Yeah a pvp vendor would be awesome and it would be cool to have better PvP transmogs, I kind of wish it would go back to how it used to be. Where you had to have PvP gear to compete in PvP. That you had to have raid gear to raid and PvP gear wasnt the best choice for PvE. Diversify the two different aspects of the game again. Make it worth while to do either one.


welp RIP Arathi. So much for Warfronts being a big part of BFA if they cant even keep them up to date as updates and ilvls go up.


What is going to happen to the gladiator gear from the conquest point bar rewards (not the weekly chest) for new players and alts? Are they going to have to grind through 20 weeks worth of conquest points to start earning gear that is scaled upto the new season’s ilvl? That will take the average player a very long time.

Will the first 9 weeks worth of conquest points (4500cp), still reward only 345/355 gear in the new season? Will all of it’s azerite gear remain 4-tier?

As someone who sometimes struggles to make the weekly cap, that’s 500cp in one week, I wonder how long you imagine its going to take for new players and alts to catch up when they are 5, 10, 20 weeks behind (2500cp, 5000cp, 10000cp), and Random Battlegrounds reward 8 conquest points after the first win of the day.


So basically, Alliance should not donate at all to the Darkshore warfront when it opens up this weekend if we want to get access to the higher level gear right away.

Of course, y’all could just tweak the algorithm to make sure that it doesn’t open until later on the 22nd.


I would like to poke my head in here and say that I am pumped for this new season!!

If were being honest, a lot of people aren’t happy with the state of the game. Personally, while I think a lot of it is people hopping on a bandwagon, there are plenty of issues with the game and the way it feels to us players. I wont waste time bringing up points of contention we all have heard.

I just wanted to say that I think this next season sounds great all around: new affix for M+, the raid looks awesome, and a new pvp season! I’ve played this game for a long time. Maybe it’s not as good as it was, but I’m happy to be able to waste away too many hours playing.

Sorry for the long post, all the negativity has been bugging me, and I’ve been guilty too, but now I’m legit excited.

See you guys in season 2.



That is if you go for the specific piece.
For the cost of 6900 TR you can purchase 4 random 415 pieces. If none of those are the piece you want you can DE all 4 and you will be 265 short from a 5th roll of the dice.

In simple terms, the choice comes down to spending 7150 for a guarantee or anywhere between 1725 - 7165 for dice rolls.

Frankly, the system is designed in such a way as to heavily encourage rolling the dice 3 or 4 times and hoping for a lucky pull rather than saving up for a big purchase of a single “perfect” item.

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Can we get some response to issues that players want to hear like class design problems, pvp vendors, more open world content, RNG, keeping old and new Azerite abilities in pieces giving players more choices, etc. in this post or another so players know that is also being looked into, or maybe ya’ll not going to do anything, because this will save players time in holding out? At least you took the time to write out what is going on, though. :man_shrugging:t5:


You’re initial post didnt mention that WQ’s themselves are getting boosted, only emissaries. What’s the new WQ ilvl cap going to be? I cant imagine you mean that a 325ilvl WQ reward will help to “shore up weak off-spec slots”.

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    but I’ll answer anyway arathi was always meant to be retired at a point. an what better time then with darkshore. same will happen with darkshore if an when a new warfront is released in the future. think of a warfront as a raid tier. eventually you get tired of doing the same thing all the time. I know I for 1 wouldn’t like running all 41 current an old raids (43 if Zul’Aman an Zul’Gurub were still raids) just to have chances at current gear ilvls. the past needs to be the past.

Is it possible for the 7th Legion/Honorbound quartermasters to sell Warfront appearances?