Realm List Populations Updated -- Oct. 28

A few minutes ago, we enacted a change to how the populations are calculated in the WoW Classic realm list. Since shortly after the launch of WoW Classic, the realm list population labels have indicated real-time population levels.

Now, the Low/Medium/High/Full labels are based on peak population over the last 7 days. We believe this provides a more-useful picture of a realm’s population to players who are making decisions about which realm to play on or transfer to.

The realms which have not yet moved to one layer will continue to be marked “Layered”.

Thank you!


Thanks for update.

Interesting change.

Edit: Faerlina is Full while Whitemane and Herod are New. LOL

Edit2: Faerlina is New and all’s right with the world. New seems to be the designation for layered realms. Seven (7) New realms.

I don’t understand but nice :+1:

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Well, that’s just kinda lazy.

Thanks for the update, Kaivex.


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Can someone give me the Listos version of this change?

Don’t open any more transfers including paid!

Checking now…

US East coast: 3 medium, 7 High, 6 Full, 4 layered
US West coast: 2 medium, 7 High, 4 Full, 2 layered

Since those are now 7-day averages, they won’t change much.

I think there are still some free transfers open, but I don’t know. I saw a list a few weeks ago.

So are u normalizing the servers amongst each other because its not clear to me which peak population you are using: is it the peak population on 1 realm and then normalizing others to that one or are you normalizing each server to its own peak server pop every 7 days? I read it as the latter but im not sure.

This seems illusory, you appear to be attempting to artificially remove the negative idea around the label of low pop through the removal of the real-time population gauge in attempt to prevent new players from continuing to avoid low-pop realms. Medium simply becomes the new low.


To bad paid transfers are coming #nochanges


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Excellent. With these new and improved changes can we see the reinvigoration of the census?

1, Not on topic. Don’t derail.
2, they already offer free transfers.

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Hi Kaivax,
What stops you from displaying an actual number of players online?

Atm the only options are to the brazil servers

But you won’t show us faction balance? Why?