Wow classic dying? No longer any "full" servers


It takes 10 seconds to fact check to see Herod and Faerlina listed as High.


It really depends on the time of day. Sometimes it’s Full, sometimes it’s High. Just like some of the High Servers I chose. Sometimes they’re High, sometimes they’re Medium :cocktail:

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No it doesn’t depend on the time of day. I want you to find me a time in the next day where Faerlina or Herod say Full.

It’s Friday, they’ve said High all day.

IDK. I really don’t sit and stare at the Server List, often. I just know that they do change and aren’t always saying “Full” nor “High” or “High” and “Medium”. When I say “time of day”, it’s more like an expression. There’s a lot of factors, at play here: Time of Day, Day of the Week, is it the Holidays, etc. :cocktail:

I would say it does.
10am EST most people are at work, going to work, or having their alarm clock go off, or going to bed because they work nights.
And that pretty much covers all US timezones.

Also, for many this is Xmas vacation
Taking the kiddies to Grandma’s house in Nebraska ro what not




Cool i got an emoji thingy

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Still doesn’t change my point. They’re not always saying “Full”, “High”, “Medium”, etc. and can change. When they change, IDK. The first day of 7 Days? The last day of 7 Days? In the middle of the 7 Days? In the Morning? At Night? Middle of the Day? :cocktail:

You could just admit to being wrong, instead of desperately grasping at straws. It’s not hard, you just say “woops, guess I was wrong.”


It still depends on the time of day, of when it’ll say “Full”, “High”, “Medium”, etc. 'cause we don’t know when the 7 Days gets updated :cocktail:

And I have admitted to being wrong, before: WoW was built with Addons in mind, Seaforium Charges not being able to open up locked Chests, and one has to delete all of their Characters, on a Gankfest Server, if they plan to Reroll to a different faction :cocktail:

You arent on my realm. My realm isnt going to die by AQ, and if you honestly think that you’re not very bright, lol

You were implying the time of day was relevant because you believed the populations were real-time.

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Changes once, per week, OK like in the Morning? Mid-Day? At Night? 'Cause I swore I saw a Server say “High”, one time and then it said “Full”. Perhaps I caught it, in the middle of the change? This was around Mid-Day, so I guess it’s around Mid-Day. I can’t recall what day of the Week, it was, though :cocktail:

weren’t you paying attention to my conversation with it? lol


Quality of life changes would keep people around rather than waiting on TBC to make them…

Reduce the cost to Respec MASSIVELY.

Don’t give me that “Economy” bs excuse either. We had layering ffs with people literally farming all day and night with layer resets. Let people experiment with builds and gear for fun.

Aside from effectively reducing the population, layering honestly didn’t have that much of an effect.

Taking out one of the biggest gold sinks certainly would, though.

This is why we need classic TBC.

Anyone else just skipping over the Tin and Flockett conversations? Get a room you two.


I’ve already told you last time you tried this, you’re not going to get to watch.

Two undead going at it? It’ll just be a pile of bones and parts rattling together and falling off. You couldn’t pay me to be in that room!

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