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Well, I don’t have a conspiracy friend. The entire argument I am making hinges on accuracy. I have not seen these census addons confirmed as accurate, by Blizzard, at any point in time. But what I do know is:

  1. Blizzard hasn’t confirmed this census data
  2. Blizzard could easily publish their own 100% accurate data easily
  3. Since Blizz has neither confirmed the census data collected by addons nor published their own data, they likely do not wish this data to be confirmed
  4. The only data you get out of the API is the data they want you to have

It’s not a conspiracy theory. It’s a lack of an official confirmation of anything. Of course, you are smart enough to understand this, but you would rather build a strawman and attack that. Because winning the discussion is more important than actually arguing the facts I assume?

Edit: And then you edit your response after the fact. You’re a gem. That initial response thanking you for “level responses” was actually sincere. The next post you accused me of forming conspiracy theories. I can only assume that is because I actually asked you for official confirmation for things you were claiming as fact.

I don’t want to be your forum buddy though guy. You don’t have to worry about that.

Server mergers or splits do not cost money now days, they’re not physical servers as they were classically.
Instead they’re virtual machines on a larger server platform that shares resource management with all blizzards IP.

When one game or server needs more CPU or ram that “server” or game gets exactly what it needs on demand. Network bandwidth can also be handled dynamically too.

So as you can see all they need to do is shuffle things about.

The problem is a good part blizzard and so charging players who’re looking for a quality experience because they screwed up is unjust.

Current metrics.

Do you believe the current Low population designation still means this? Sul’thraze peaks at about 100 players online. Their Alliance AH routinely has less than 50 items on it.

Things change, this isn’t complicated. The fact that you go back to some outdated statement that is obviously, and I mean REALLY obviously outdated is telling of your intentions here.

Here’s the quote you were using as an argumentative point with me:

You said we didn’t have any new updated information since that post, so you believed it was still relevant. Guess what? The quote from Bornakk I linked was made after that post. If you stick to your guns here, then you believe that Low populations servers are more populated than Full Vanilla realms, right NOW.

You believe Sul’thraze, with its 100 concurrent online players at Prime-time is equivalent to a Full pop Vanilla server.

This is why you’re not arguing in good faith, this is trolling my man.

Vote with your dollars. They want you to buy transfers, you should cancel subscriptions instead.

Nah. While I would like more life on AR, at least horde side (no clue how easy/hard of a time alliance have finding groups) I am not upset to the point where I would quit

No, I don’t believe that Sul’thraze has a higher population than a vanilla realm did in 2006. There is no designation for a server to be lower pop than “Low” though as far as I know, so I don’t think Bornakk’s post was meant to be taken literally as EVERY Low pop Classic server is massive compared to vanilla servers. That just informs us that at the time he wrote that message, Low in Classic could potentially still be very packed, even compared to a Vanilla full realm? So if it had close to Vanilla server cap it would be Low, but if it had 10 players it would also still be Low? Am I wrong there?

Good sir, in the very first post I made to you I also identified and posted proof that the Low, Medium, High population designations no longer mean what they used to mean. If you go back and check that post you will see I included this quote.

So to conclude, can we agree that a Low population Classic realm could be larger than a Vanilla realm, but it could also be lower? Especially given the post by Kaivax, confirming that they changed it? Which if you go back and check, you will see that I preemptively included in my first ever response to you.

I assure you, I am not trolling you, and I am not trying to argue with you on bad faith. I am literally saying you could be correct even, we just have no way to prove it either way…


BECAUSE those posts are no longer valid. This isn’t hard to understand, they don’t give updated information about everything that changes in the game or in their systems. It’s a failure of communication as it has always been with Blizzard.

The SHEER FACT that LAYERING no longer exists should make you realize that things have changed. Those posts were made with layering and HUGELY increased realm populations in mind, that were divided up with layering.

There are three Low population servers. Do the people on those servers some justice and log on and do your own little census taking (because you don’t trust the Blizzard data that’s being sent out, but you love to link Blizzard posts from half a year ago) and tell me how those realms are doing.

Heck, go on some of those “HUGELY populated” Medium pop servers like Arcanite Reaper and look around. I’ve already checked and I won’t bother showing you the census screenshots I have of concurrent users, since you’ve already disregarded that as “possibly inaccurate” for no reason.

There’s a reason this thread exists.

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Since they put up paid transfers, I think the time of free transfers is over.

Blizz gonna get your cash for the move, or you can relevel on a not dead server.

Go on Arcanite Reaper and take a look around. It’s Sunday, there’s less than 700 people online Alliance and Horde combined.

Medium population server.


You are once again missing my point man. That post from Kaivax literally said that they changed how the designation of how Low, Medium and High population is determined. It’s literally based on a seven day average for that server now. Effectively the designation means nothing at this point except when scope is narrowed down to an individual server. So, I don’t understand why you are getting stuck on these designations.

Debating you is frustrating because you constantly ignore the actual whole argument I am making in favor of attacking a small two sentence point, as if it exists in a vaccuum. At first I thought you were deliberately doing this in an effort to strawman or argue out of context, but I am starting to believe you just don’t know any better? You are also inconsistent. You fail to acknowledge that I addressed the exact same points you were trying to make in my initial response to you in the other thread. You start by using a post made a few days after the thread I provided to you when you asked for a source from the claim of another user. And made it out like it somehow refuted the initial statement I made, again ignoring the fact that literally already addressed it in my initial response.

I am kind of flabbergasted at this last response. I would honestly accuse you of arguing in bad faith at this point, but I honestly don’t think that’s the case. I feel like you are just having difficulty seeing the forest for the trees here, and that’s okay.

I think maybe at this point it’s probably best if we just agree to disagree. Seems like we are both stubborn enough that this will go on quite a while longer.

Dodging, you’re good at that.

Log onto Arcanite Reaper and tell me that server as a Medium designation has more people than any Full Vanilla realm, like you’ve stated multiple times.

If a Full server in 2006 would be labeled as Low today, that would mean ANY realm at Medium would have to be at least as populated as a Full realm in 2006.

How do we know these posts are no longer accurate? Common sense. Log onto Arcanite Reaper (Medium population) and try to tell me that server is equal to a Full population Vanilla realm. There’s currently 700 people online that dying realm, on a Sunday. There’s posts all over from people who play there, telling us that it’s dead.

Read your own posts, understand what you were implying and realize that I’m right here.


No, why would I do that when it’s obviously not true.

You are amazing man. Please point out where I have asserted this. Since I have done it so many times it should be easy for you to come up with a quote from me stating this, surely.

There you go, backtrack now.

Here, let me help you out a bit, friendo:

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AR needs some help forsure if i wasn’t part of such an amazing guild there i would have bailed long ago

Again, I am going to ask you to PLEASE point out where I stated that a realm designated as MEDIUM or even LOW is always RIGHT NOW larger than a FULL vanilla realm.

Do you not understand my complaint here with you cherry picking my argument? You do it every… single… time. Holy crap.

Why do you think I included that quote from Kaivax in my initial response to you man. It was to point out and address this. I specifically acknowledged it to show how further complicated the matter has become. To specifically point out that we can’t tell if a realm is flourishing or dying based on the designation. What other reason would I have for including it?

You don’t just get to take individual points I have made in a vaccuum and infer what ever you want from them. That is not how you have an honest debate. You are a dishonest debater and are absolutely the person arguing in bad faith in this exchange. With that, I am done.

I wish you and your guild all the best in your future endeavors.

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Still dodging.

If it hasn’t changed, the previous census reports that indicated to you that Medium realms were roughly twice the size of average Full realms would still be accurate, correct? If Medium realms haven’t changed, as you said, they’d still be twice the size of average Full realms, CORRECT?

I’ve told you before and I’ll tell you again; things change. The previous information from Blizzard is no longer representative of the state of servers today. This is blatantly obvious to anyone who can think for themselves.


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Ugh… against my better judgment I am going to attempt to clarify this for you one more time. I quoted the CM as saying that Classic realms were larger than Vanilla realms. That was simply a source. I then included the later post about realm designations, to point out, that they no longer mean anything in comparison to any other servers, either Vanilla or Classic.

I can’t take responsibility for an assertion that I didn’t make, no matter how hard you infer it. So to simplify, what you are claiming I asserted, based on quoting me in snippets, was not what I was asserting. You are arguing that I made a point I did not, and I am telling you as much.

I do not agree, that a medium sized realm is necessarily larger than a vanilla sized realm. Due to the way population designations are now calculated, they may or may not be larger than a vanilla sized realm. The designations are pointless for the purposes of comparison between realms now. The fact that the CM used a medium sized realm, before the realm designation change, is completely inconsequential to my argument. That is my actual assertion. Of course I included that quote in my original argument for that express purpose, but you continue to ignore it.

Now, I hope that actually explains things a bit better, in a way that you can understand, so that you can stop attacking strawmen.

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So you are admitting that you are literally ignoring the majority of my responses, picking a couple sentences to nitpick, and then regurgitating the same argument back at me. Yet you were the one who accused me of trolling…

Cool. Have a good one man.

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“thats the classic experience looool”
-people on populated realms

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While you’re arguing semantics, AR horde literally losing people in bunches… Also what the hell are you trying to prove lol?