Blues answer keyring, but not anything else

So i see that Blue’s respond to a post about key rings, but leave everything else in the dust including how taking away layering just completely dumped on your servers.

0 queue to almost 3k in 24 hours. Right… good idea. Blizz being Blizz and I shouldn’t be surprised honestly.

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Queues were guaranteed to make a comeback after layering was removed on some servers.

It was always going to be a thing.


Multiple warnings for over a month now to GTFO off that server and transfer to another or you will face 30+ min queues. You didn’t head their warning or take the free service they offered to alleviate the situation.

The only person to blame is you.


I forgot to mention i was on a Medium pop server when this happened. 0 indication about how bad the queues would be or how taking away layering with factual numbers would always be nice. But I guess “YOU WERE TOLD” is a good response too

ya you boobs go and look at all the server pops right now on east and west. HIGH so this you were told bullcrap needs to go.

What server went from Medium to having a queues today? The only servers with queues were the ones that were layered.

That low/medium/high/full only shows how full the server is at the current time not total overall population.

The blue posts on the forums have been warning you which servers WILL have long queue times come layering.

A full sever could have a medium population at non-peak times, but come time peak time that goes from Medium to High then to Full.

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Honor was originally scheduled to be released today.

To save you some trouble you can probably expect queues at the release of every other phase as well.



and now we’re mad layering is gone?

Also Blizz warned numerous times of incoming queues with layering being removed, and they’ve offered numerous rounds of free transfers off these realms. They’ve even encouraged it.


You are incorrect.

I’m like 99% sure it’s based on weekly overall population

Im not mad, I actually liked layering since it allowed less crowds and more play-ability across the whole server.

I mean… they told you that would happen when they gave the date for removing layering.

What more do you want them to say? They already gave you the information.

And Blizzard should know its playerbase by now and the percentage of people who ACTUALLY take up everyone and everything and leave a server. It doesn’t happen often enough to say "Hey, yall should just convince everyone to go to a low pop server, no guarantees it wont be dead in a month though =) "

How many dead servers were on live and were for years before they finally decided on merges?

I think your post it’s a example of why they don’t reply to everything.

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Here I thought this would be a well thought out post on blizz’s obvious disregard for more pressing game issues and lack of communication on more pressing issues than the keyring.
Naw. It’s just queue QQ. Lol.

Currently only 4 realms are not in the High or Full range. on US East, and 4 on US West. 8 total for the US…

Blizzard, a multi billion dollar company, unable to run a 15 year old game when pservers could manage bigger pvp battles with less lag is an absolute travesty- that’s the problem, not them getting rid of layers.

They wouldn’t need layers if they could run a 15 year old game- this isn’t something you should be white knighting for Blizz for. They have proven themselves less competent than random people with no resources- as one of the biggest gaming companies in the world.

The queues now, and the inability for the game to run with more than a couple dozen people in an area is 100% due to Blizzard’s laziness and incompetence and should never, ever be defended.

Layering was mainly for players, though server load was a side benefit. Imagine logging in and having to compete with literally 100 other people for the mobs in your starting area. New players who try to do that aren’t going to stick around for very long. You could also have the most expensive (non-supercomputer) server hardware in the world, nothing can handle thousands of people in very close proximity to each other. That’s just how it works. Adding people to an area in-game causes exponential server load, not linear.

Horde tried to raid IF with 160 people on a friend’s server a couple of nights ago with zero lag, so I’m not sure where this myth of “any people in an area causes lag” comes from.

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