War Effort Progress

That is discussing it




gerund or present participle: discussing

  1. talk about (something) with another person or group of people

“Merely Mentioning” is talking about it, talking about it is discussing it

What does any of this have to do with the war effort??

All I know is I’m on a layered server with atleast 7k+ players.

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You don’t need multiple people gathering data to get a concurrent player count. You can do this with two accounts running the Alliance and Horde populations at the same time.

I’ve done this many times in the past, and back in January/February before the pandemic really took hold, the number of players on Herod and Incendius (before the Exodus) never exceeded 4,000 concurrent players.

There’s far too many people conflating the numbers on ironforge.pro with concurrent player counts and comparing that to Vanilla concurrent caps.

This never happened, I’ve already explained it to you. I can’t make this any simpler for you, I’m sorry.

Unless you have both accounts running 24/7 without sleeping (and tbf a week is also not really representative) one person will not get the accurate data to display the actual server size.

So its inaccurate, like I said. Whats your point?


Yes you are.

You do realize that was before Classic even launched, right? You do realize that was when they knew servers were going to be layered 4-5 times each, right? You do realize, even beyond that statement, there were additional posts about the realm population designations, right?

They completely changed the realm population indicator dynamics.

Things change.

You realize this was just an update on what is displayed on your login when you pick a realm right? They just changed the calculations on wether servers were considered medium, high or low.

In fact all this change did was elevate more low populated realms into the medium range, while the actual size of the realms has not changed significantly in terms of populace on each realm. The players are (or were) still there at the time. So the actual numbers stayed the same.

You can try to weasel your way out of your blunder but the more you talk and quote stuff the more nonsensical your argument becomes.

The fact remains classic servers in 2020 have more players on em than 2006 servers. As said by the blue post.

Just stop dude, everyone already knows you screwed up. Why dig your grave deeper?

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blizzard coulda spent money to make this event more fun and engaging for realms but they dont care anymore so

their excuse for not changing is utter PR nonsense crap.

they arent changing it because they are lazy. anyone with common sense knows that keeping the event the same as before would not create an equal experience and thats what matters.

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I’m confused why you argue with this person. They are on these forums all the time trolling people. He sits here and makes statements which you can easily disprove via Blizzard blue posts. He will continue to argue as if you are in fact wrong. He does it all the time. Stop feeding the troll.


Honesty is virtuous, you should remember the times I proved you wrong and instead of admitting to being wrong, you doubled down on your falsities.

Its hardly dead. There are more active raid teams on it than were on my Vanilla server which didn’t feel dead at all.

It is definitely small compared to other Classic servers, but dead is a bit far imo.

Likely dead because no guild will put up with his trolling and he’s stuck solo warrior and can’t get into pugs.

So you know, dead.

Are you looking at prior BWL data? The number has dropped significantly over the last few months.

If there’s been a drop then that could be bad. I haven’t looked at anathema pop in about two months since I started slow leveling my horde alt there.

14 BWL clears recorded this week. For comparison, Grobbulus has 54 so far this week.

14 not bad. Thats still higher, maybe about equal to my Vanilla server. And the week isn’t over yet.

Yeah but the number of guilds raiding is significantly higher than in Vanilla. It’s extremely rare for me to even see a level 60 that doesn’t have raid gear on Heartseeker.

Within the last two weeks, per ironforge.pro, whitemane recorded approximately 10,000 unique players via Warcraft logs. This total is lower than the actual amounts however, as this doesn’t account for players in unlogged raids, or folks who simply don’t raid.

Around March, we were reporting totals on the same website of around 12.5k.

Yeah, it also counts alts. What percent of the server population do you think raids?

Given the large farmer population on Whitemane, not as overwhelming of a majority as you might believe. I can name at least 10-15 sizable social/leveling guilds alliance side that never set foot in a raid.

We also have several chinese raid teams that do not use warcraftlogs, or keep them private.