Realm List Populations Updated -- Oct. 28

Thanks for the update.

Just took a look. Thats what 6 layered realms still? Pagle-PvE is still packed as heck and its the only Layered PvE server. I don’t know how this is going to get down to 1 layer by Phase 2. I think its just gonna have a huge queue, because people from other PvE servers with lackluster populations have started re-rolling on Pagle lately.

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I do not understand the change either. Considering that at certain times it does not even matter where you check, a lot of servers that are high or now “full” were low as well.

But ye, now there is only medium, so i guess thats the new low, high is the new medium and full is the new high.
Another important change that took precedent over the counltess bugs in this game



This is a bad change for ppl who play odd hours. My playtime is usually from 3 AM EST to about 6 AM normally, so I don’t get an idea of how many ppl are playing at those certain times.


They are peaks not averages of the past 7 days.

Basically the highest population data they pulled of the last 7 days. (so likely pop data from some hour on the weekend)


Can you guys monitor the retail realms as much as classic? When are you going to connect more realms together?

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you know that we’ve devised a more vague way to label realm population. Think of it as a mini-game, while you try to figure out why the list says full, but you don’t see any other players around you! It’s gonna be FUN!


I don’t know. I prefer it. If I’m picking a realm to create a character on, I’d like to know generally how many active people are on that realm. I don’t really care at all how many people happen to be on at that exact moment. This does that.

That said, I’m not sure why people care too much about this at this point. I’d think most have picked there server and are committed to it now (at least until paid transfers).


Yes, its a bad change.

Its obviously a bad change.

So yet again blizz makes an obviously bad decision in pursuit of their agenda.

I no longer blame the decision makers. I now blame the people hiring the decision makers.

An aside - I rerolled (again) to AReaper, alliance side. Reaper and EFury are the two best pvp servers imo. Hopefully the populations don’t budge, but if you are looking for friendly and chill (aside from early morning drama lords in lfg), these two servers are the last two surviving.

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Can you post this change within the actual game client for Classic, and properly explain it? Unaware people are going to think that there has been a population uptick, when there hasn’t given the recent changing of many servers not having more than 1 layer now (1 layer meaning one instance of the realm, like the old vanilla realms).

This is what I got from it. Medium = low and high=medium now.

This change is so vague and I’m tired of blizzard trying to hide the true information. They need to keep it at true population numbers at the time you are looking at it.

The new complaint will be people that join a high or full server on the premise that it’s very populated, yet they zone into a ghost town because the peak population is at a different time for them. Imagine if you play only in the mornings. The server you join says full, but it’s really not because the peak population is in the afternoon. It’s better if you can see what server has a population you want to play with at the time you are playing.

I can’t stress enough how much this is going to suck for people.


Very on topic. The faction balance and population imbalance is real. The high pop servers are still layered but I’m sure people would move off of them if they could go to more balanced servers. They need to do something about this instead of just offering free transfers high pop --> low pop.


I am curious if Blizzard thinks that continually changing the way server populations are presented to try to trick players into joining dead servers is the way to go about this?

Players realize you’re changing the calculations to make low servers seem more appealing. That isn’t going to make them xfer.

Players realize that they want to be on higher population realms for when server populations decline so they can still be in good shape.

Solution: Be more transparent about server populations and assure people with planned solutions for fixing the problem. ie.) If your realm drops below this many active players we will merge your server or provide xfers to other destination realms.

Dont try to swindle people. Get the Activision out of Blizzard.


This is a terrible idea that only gives a more positive “illusion” of population. Under the previous system, if I only played from say 11 PM to 2 AM, I could see what servers are active during my play time. Under this new system, I have NO IDEA what the activity level is at the time I will play.

You took a useful tool for deciding which realm is populated during a players activity, and turned it into a useless tool for padding server numbers.

Maybe you can do the same thing for guilds next. When I type /who “Guild Name”, don’t show me who is active when I am online, just show me total guild membership. That will be real helpful. Right?


Really by this time you should know roughly how busy your server is at the time you normally play.

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So you are addressing all the players who no longer need to look at the realm population? Good perspective for problem solving…

Seems pretty straight forward, I dont know why people would try and lie.

Just give us the facts, it will improve the game for everyone.

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I think it has more to do with wanting to represent the active population of a server rather than showing the current population. There is no need to show that if they don’t currently have ques.

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But active population is dependent upon time, and they way it was, showed that active population at the time you played. Now it tells you nothing except how many are online when MOST people play, but now you don’t know when that is.

Also, to your second point, if the server EVER has a full population that week, that no matter when you log on, you are going to see that there is a que…