Its not that people made a bad choice of a pvp server

Because if you’re on a server of 20,000 people and 5 or 10,000 of you transfer it’s not dead. Vanilla servers were 3,000 cap. 3000 is a populated server.

“Stats” say the server im on is high population. But i know for fact thats BS… from 5pm to 8pm server time orgimar is busy… but 8pm to 5pm the server is dead af…

You log in midnight… you can quest and not see anyone for an hour… i logged in herod ferlina on level 1’s to see if they were different at that time…

Both those servers at midnight look like my server at 9pm

Well I agree with you stats. Stats. Stats.
Again we’re back to blizzard dropping the ball. The question is what are they going to do to fix it.
and this thread we’ve done real good with coming up with multiple ideas. Now whether any of the big servers or streamer followers are going to like it is a totally different thing.

Can you imagine asthma’s followers when they can’t log in if they get a cap on their server. And they continue to try to log in, and continue to try to log in. They will flame and flame and threaten to quit but won’t transfer

You have a 4 hour window on our server to do any dungeons… if you miss that window… good luck finding both a tank/healer on at same time.

That’s unfortunately how my server is. Though I play nights and I’m a healer. it’s just really hard overnights to find tanks when you need them. Gives me plenty of time to farm and do other things though.

They changed how it works.

Wow, does that mean there are realms that are still layered? Cuz I thought mine was the other day but then thought maybe it was just a fluke.

No. They removed all layering with the release of Phase 2.

It states at the bottom that realms to have layers will continue to stay layers. I guess I’ll just have to log in and see if any of them say layers.

Why not open all character transfers and faction transfers to all servers… so if herod needs more alliance players make transfers to that server only to alliance faction…
So on and so forth…

Let everyone transfer to where they want… if they want to tranfser to 1 giant server and have large que times let them…

4 Huge pop servers with long que times is better for the longevity of this game then many small dead unbalanced servers

That’s nice that they changed the way it’s going to tell us what realms populations are but that still doesn’t tell us faction populations or actual statistics.

lmfao that’s so true

Well in that case get rid of the queue. They have servers that would be able to support everyone playing. There has been other games that have had massive massive battles not layered and not sharded. It would be super hard to get anything done but sure why not.

No really I don’t like that idea. Ive been on the big servers and the small ones. I personally like the small ones better.

But really whichever, blizzard needs to make a decision or they’re going to lose a lot of people

Well i do agree with you that they will do something… because when you have the big name streamers calling for something to be done… blizzard tends to cave in…

I just hope they allow faction change… because id rather have more options for pvp then be on the 70% side… cause its boring

So if Blizzard will cave to the streamers. We need to get the streamers on board with something reasonable. The problem is most of the streamers I have seen are not reasonable.

The streamers are calling for BG’s to be released… that’s their answer

Lol, well that’s a reasonable thought it’s not going to fix the problem. I have seen a lot of people saying that overall the servers are 50/50. Still haven’t seen any proof of that. And we don’t know how they’re going to release it with battle groups or with all servers mixed as far as the Bgs go. If they do battle groups and your battle group is still overmatched then you have people still trying to get honor because they’re waiting in queues

Yea, ive already made up my mind so im just going to sit back and watch… paid transfers or faction changes… they have till February to implement one of these things for me… if they dont my subscription ends and i will go back to private servers where i can have characters on both factions and change them as needed

You do you, Boo

I feel you, just looked at the servers and I see allot of full servers… So… Is it full with 2 k players? 5 k 10 k ? All horde? All Ally?

Is your server horde dominate?