Wow classic dying? No longer any "full" servers

It’s manifestly evident that this is NOT the case. Classic simply continued with minimal disruption beyond people whining on the forums.

You could farm devilsaur without stopping on a low pop server too.
The boss resets were clearly a bug, and people got banned for exploiting it.
You couldn’t mine the same node. Different layers had different nodes.
You couldn’t pick the same herbs in two different layers for the same reason.

Once again, the effect of layering was to reduce the effective population.

Wait, you think the few people that exploited layering to farm a little more efficiently is having a continued effect on the economy now?

Rofl! We’ve went through all the additional crafting mats 1000x over by now.

I ship it

Population can be down depending on the timezone. For example the time i play, most of people are sleeping hence less people online.

This is false. The status of the realms change in real time. It’s obvious when you compare what each realm is listed as during prime time versus the dead of night.

You’re wrong. You can go on the server select during the dead of night on a Wednesday and it won’t change.


You watch the news alot, don’t you OP?

Oh, glad they’re working on “fixing” trivial things that have been in place for 15 years. Blizz is now like a little kid who can’t keep their hands of something & mess with every small thing, while ignoring things that actually need fixed. Wondering why their games get jacked up.

“If it’s not broke don’t fix it”. Get some priorities Blizz. No that’s not “more useful”. Before I could tell at a glance which server I could expect to lag more that nite & decide accordingly. Irrelvant change again. :clap:

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that your personal feelings dominate your “logic” ?

i concur!

classic is doing just fine

Those who just want new content to play will pretty much all move on. Those who loved Vanilla and lobbied for Classic will likely stay.

It’s not for everyone. Wasn’t meant to be.

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Some people have family to go see during Christmas and New Year and many take vacations this time of year. I suggest you wait until after the New Year for Doom and Gloom predictions:P

Classic has been on a constant state of decline since it was released i doubt it’s because of the holidays.

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People DID NOT get banned.
The guy streaming that was aloud to run MC twice in 1 week got to keep all the loot.
There are still VODS up of the boss bug being exploited and they never got banned.
Streamer privilege was real??
I would clear a zone out of herbs then layer hop and do it again. Don’t tell me what I could or could not do because I know for fact :smiley:
Same thing with nodes.
Low pop server is justification for allowing Layering exploits? OKay great logic.

That conversation ended, awhile ago. Nothing productive came from it :cocktail:

God, please no :cocktail:

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i said this before classic wow launched vanilla wow was a shallow game you either raid or pvp.if you dont raid there is just pvp.

most people are 60 by now and dont have much to do but log in for a raid night or pvp.


I think it was on the decline a long time ago when I first hit 60, but I was so quick a lot of people were still leveling and saying things like “YA RITE U JUST BURNT URSELF OUT”

I just log on once a week now to raid more or less. I would have much preferred BC servers, but vanilla was fun.

Let’s take an objective look here. Most players have been clearing mc for a long time now. Mc is really boring as there are almost no mechanics. Outside of that what is there? Pvp is dead. Pvp not being a thing in classic is the biggest problem. That’s what usually fills in time between raids and never gets old if it’s done right.

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Some of us did. Of course the streamers didn’t.

Meanwhile back in reality, there were people on every layer trying to do the same thing you were.

You can pretend you had access to a bunch of untouched layers, but we both know that’s not the case.

It was well known beforehand that a lot of people went to classic WoW just for the lulz.

Heart of Classic is still beatin!!!

Yeah its dying fast unfortunately. I only saw 60plus guidies when I got on other day. Normally its 65plus on non holiday weeks. I :hugs:

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