Addons have become borderline hacks

this addon that tells you what enemies are around should be banned by Blizzard makes PVP pointless when everyone knows were i am even while stealthed its just making the game not fun.


When/if it gets removed you’ll find something else to blame.

Pro tip: spy only picks up you going into stealth, and only when you happen to do so within combat log range.


Protip #2:
You do not need to wait for Halloween next year to dress up in a scary mask and go to people’s houses demanding free stuff.

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Ban the combat log!

there’s several threads about this - the bandwagon’ing has got to end.

lets ban DBM as well, it makes raiding too easy and no challenge, also, no auctioneer, I dont like that someone can scan to see how much they can sell stuff for without manually doing it. OOOh and no prat, you dont need all that chat prettiness…

seriously though, no. It literally just uses the combat log for info…


It only logs where you stealthed and only if you’re within combat range, so you can still sneak up on that person even if you aren’t decent at the game.

We should ban humans too right because perception breaks your gameplay, er sorry, ganking, experience.

So… they should stealth really far away or just run in! D:

Undead rogue detected.

I really wish the people complaining would actually try the addon and see what it is capable of (and NOT capable of).

There was a video one person posted of a massive raid group of Alliance going into Blackrock Mountain. That player had an addon (believe it was Spy), and all it did was pop up names when the combat log picked up someone going into stealth. That’s it. No pointer. No automatic target. Just the names. The raid group had multiple hunters tossing flares, humans using perception, etc. Spy wasn’t getting those people found and killed. PvP was.

So, yeah. How about showing by using the addon just how impossible it is for an enemy rogue to sneak up on you? Much more convincing than whining as a rogue when you failed to sneak up on someone else about how they cheated, hacked, whatever.

And correct me if I’m wrong, but even with a max level Subtlety Rogue in TBC, I wasn’t perfectly invisible just because I stealthed. If I moved, I might be seen by someone looking in my direction or a hunter with Track Hidden. This idea that the Spy addon is singlehandedly getting all rogues spotted and killed seems exaggerated. (Though, really, perhaps not all that different from the BG addon to find the opposing side’s healers to focus-fire - which has had people complaining for years without changes to Retail.)

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far too much work and then they’d also have nothing to gripe about.


I know this is going to sound sarcastic but the combat log isn’t an addon. It’s a normal part of the game. The addon you’re complaining about only presents the combat log in a graphical form instead of scrolling text.

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It has always seemed to me that many rogue/druid players don’t understand how stealth actually works and assume players are the same as NPC’s. As a hunter player with track hidden I’ve been able to watch many rogue players try to sneak up on me from the front. Not even directly from the side but legitimately from within the front 180 degrees of my characters FOV.


Everyone Download the Spy Addon,
It’s Awesome :rofl: :rofl:

Anyone playing on a pvp server and not expecting rogues and sometimes druids (ok or any night elf for that matter) to be stealthing around trying to gank you really needs to start stacking +int gear IRL.

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will see about. Spy is stupid, literally detect people all over the brd mountain . I spawn on the ring and i got a mention of a hunter that was in the middle nearly 200 yard of where i was . He also targeted me .

Every body as this addon. Am sick of it

LOL, well looks like this specific case will be handled with the new hotfix:

that good to ear the issues i mentioned was 4 days ago