A Solution to FP Camping & Spy

That’s not the premise, that’s the point.

I’ll refer you back to my previous post, where I presented evidence, and reasoned out the conclusion for you.

Maybe you’d find me less tiresome if you took the time to read the comments you’re responding to rather than focusing on making bad faith arguments.

You just concluded it could be done, easily, without disrupting anything else. That’s fantastically false, but at this point, I don’t care anymore. It doesn’t matter that you keep arguing they could just make a new filter, something that would require a new parameter since it all feeds the same system, you just say “nu uh” and keep going. It doesn’t matter that trying to hide the event wholesale would actually disrupt our entire UI’s ability to track that ability, because the event is what it looks for, you just say “naaaah” and keep going.

You don’t understand how the info is fed one way or another… so I don’t care.

If I wanted to converse with someone that just contradicts for the sake of doing so, I’d go find an angst-ridden teenager.

No. I said it could be done without changing the API (or at least without rewriting it as you suggested). I never said it wouldn’t disrupt anything else.

Blizzard already selectively sends you combat log events depending on certain factors. Ergo, if one could specify a condition in which you should not see the actions of enemy faction players as combat log events, that could be added to the filters.

Go ahead and explain why such a solution wouldn’t work.

This statement is evidently not true.

The event never gets sent. Thus it would not need a new parameter.

To put it another way: the event never enters the system you’re talking about (namely the API) in the first place. It can’t require a new parameter, because it doesn’t exist.

I presented cogent and well articulated arguments. You refuse to address them.

That’s… the point. If the conditions are met that you shouldn’t see the action, you don’t get the event. Your API never sees it.

If the conditions are met where you SHOULD see the action, the API sees the event and everything works as normal.

I’m saying that it isn’t fed one way or the other.

As long as you continue replying to me, this is false.

You could just talk to yourself.

Hmm, sounds reasonable to me. Some jerks will still kill honorless targets anyway, but this would be a step in the right direction without creating a crippling disincentive for open world PvP, like if DHKs were introduced to PvP scenarios (which is a horrible idea).

Just give the FP masters an 100m aoe 30 second stun

Works great. I love this fix.

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Still even with that, it’s no longer as big a deal for rogues…

Spy also does some other annoying things like share your coordinates with others who have the addon (if you enable). This gives you some really good info on where to go if you’re looking for some action.

Additionally Spy provides arena frames allowing me to DoT players I don’t even actually see, this has been incredibly powerful just in that one aspect.

The addon is kinda game breaking for those who don’t use it so I adopted it early because it’s so damn good.

Until blizzard kills the arena frames and coordinate data component of this addon I will continue to use it because by failing to use this as a range class I am crippling my self.

I do believe that is very strong, almost too strong in some aspects. Being able to spam click the name until they are targeted. Long as your spell lights up you’re good to go.

But this current fix is showing that they are paying attention to it, and for that I am content.

it puts a 50 yard filter on the UI element called combat log
but it does not filter the process called combatlog to 50 yards though.
I can still see you cooking fish, bandaging or stealthing 200 yards away.
Which is probably a good thing for anyone who raids

Make the FP NPCs the equivalent of of world raid bosses
on steroids

probably not a solution, but would be amusing, at least for a few days

Sad, but true. That it has its defenders is a sign of the times. People just dont want risk, and want to take anything they cant control out of the game.

That’s a nice way to say it. Truth is they’re dependent on Add-ons and will defend it tooth and nail because without the add-ons they’re crap.

Sheep, Detect Magic, wait for buff to fall off.
Also people could utilize FP offensively as a group to attack allowing in very unfair honor trades.

I thought this way for awhile, but if blizzard aren’t willing to wipe out ALL of the addons granting huge amounts of situational awareness, it is uncharacteristic for them to target one that isn’t even the biggest offender (even though they have).

MC the target that lands and attack an NPC… Now i get your honor

Guards right now are absolutely moronic.

I had a rogue try to gank me in Winterspring. I figure ill just heal myself through it til the guards kill him. No such luck, after the 2nd heal the guards turned on me and ripped my face off.

Something similar happened at Lights Hope. Got ganked after landing. I rez between the two elites on horseback. Get shot by a hunter, healed myself guards went after him but he FD’s and they turn around and smash my face in.

I’ll be honest, i don’t recall exactly how they worked in vanilla but i don’t remember that type of behavior. If I’m wrong someone clue me in.

You could be right. But.

You say it shows all. I am saying it collected then shown. How it’s collected could very well be delineated by faction. At that point, Blizzard could parse it out.

So just make the debuff not count down while CCed and also make it refresh the debuff if CCed while having the debuff.

Enjoy crying yourself to sleep over an addon.

Nope. The actual truth is you’re bad at pvp and will find something else to blame and cry about. You don’t get any better and would be better off rerolling on a PvE server instead of using an addon as your excuse. You’re as bad as a raider blaming their death on DBM.