Stealth ability doesn’t feel stealthy because of Spy

Sure they did. Everyone and their mother edited their combat log, increased the distance, detatched it, and then watched it while fishing, farming, questing, etc.

No problem, bud.

You don’t say? You’re telling me if the majority of players don’t know about one thing, they might not know about another? Well damn.

Well yeah, I can pull up some good players in PvP back in the day for you too.

Here’s one. SHRUNK, as it should’ve been.

the add on totally changed player behavior in wpvp PERIOD so IDK what spin gets put on it the add on is game breaking.

“Molten Core was released with the original game and remained undefeated 154 days, which is still the longest an endboss has survived in WoW’s history. It was still too soon if you ask Rag.”

Well, took them months to get world first on the guy. I’d say he did pretty well for himself. Even though he was actually huge news back in the day, unlike the combat log.

He was killed week one of classic. That gives a decent idea of how much players have changed, and what they do has changed since…

The issue is that I can see people on screen and it doesn’t detect anything until I mouse over it. So they’ve clearly done much more than just lower the radius. I’m pretty sure they’ve disabled combat logging for out of combat enemies.

hmm weird and you said blizzard said that no one detached yet this say nothing about that. all it says it they reduced the range… so you lied again.

no im saying the majority of players didn’t fight rag so people not knowing how to fight rag is not the same thing as people knowing how to detached the combat log stop trying to backpedal and spread misinformation.

people had to deal with pvp constantly detaching and filtering the combat log was common knowledge because of how much player had to deal with pvp.


When we fight in combat to this day, right now, we don’t need the combat log. We use it for base “You took this damage with this ability, he dealt this damage ability”.
Past that you just want base combat abilities such as healing and their buffs. Why the hell would you want to flood your combat log out?
What you’re suggesting is that every player went about editing their combat log to pick up every spell that’s put up, dropped, everything that’s crafted, drank, eaten, looted, collected, etc. People didn’t need that information for base pvp. You’re insane.

thats not the … ok thats it you have to be a troll this is not even relevant to what was said.

its a check box you can do it with 3 clicks and yea you do need it because it lets you know when the allie is trying to sneek up and gank you its your only warning you get before you get and ax to the face…

But you know what, if you want to claim you were the top 1%, you go for it. Claim you were rank 1 if you want. I don’t feel the need to redo this entire thing with you like we’ve already done. It’s been changed, you’re not getting your crutch back.

not claiming i was the top 1% I saying most players on pvp server did it because it kept them alive… if your done moving the goalposts would you kindly zip it?

An equivalent addon existed back in 2005. The spy addon works on retail. We don’t need the API changed based on people’s “feelings”.

Weren’t you the one claiming it wasn’t even a big deal at the 400 yard diameter because they don’t see you and such? Now you’re saying you used to do it without an addon to tell you. Great.

Honestly? Just tired of arguing with you for working on 24 days now. You live in a fairy tale land where you dominated 99% of the players in vanilla. Go back to that world.

No addon was as advanced as Spy is now lol.

Stop it. Outside the dev team testing their addon, those addons simply never saw use in Vanilla. Because it wasn’t a functional addon then.

200 not 400 can you please stop lying just once. if the rogue stealthed outside of 200 it would not see them but since that was outside the render range most rogues would stealth inside of the range of your combat log. again its just a heads and its only a hey rogue stealth somewhere good luck

never said that what do you get from lying so much?

Please look at one of my previous posts. I used Radar back in 2005 and pulled it from an old harddirve backup. Send me your dropbox link and I’ll give you the code for it.

No, it was a 200 yard radius, not diameter. Could you read for once?

You ever say what you got from failing reading comprehension?

ah i did misread how how shameful. at least its better than the guy that has to lie all the time.

oh yay your down to ad hominems

lol i remember back in the day 2006 i could tell if ally was nearby cuz my computer fan would speed up

or hear the dial up start pinging faster /s