The Spy addon needs to be banned

i can agree its pretty op, but, i love seeing KoS pop up on screen

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I agree. I despise Rogues just as much as the next guy, but it is ridiculous that a legal addon cripples their effectiveness in PvP. I’d prefer that they be terrifying, as per tradition, than be pushovers.

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I know that I am not alone in saying this addon should be banned. Anyone defending the addon is just a pleb that needs it to be good, or a lazy half wit in general. What happened to the days of playing a game and getting good through experience. Now people just download any “skills” needed. Such a shame but I blame the retail players who are all about instant gratification.

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Exactly, its the lazy culture. Seems like the direction of gaming is to try to beat the code of the game, no matter what the game. Instead of just playing the game as intended. They do not care if this is a fantasy game with roles to play, they just look how to make an add on that does everything possible for them, at the very edge of getting banned.


if people are allow to name their character “Seamundic” in Classic server I am in, then what makes you think Blizzard will ban this addon?

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been like that in classic, the floor glitch in raid to get to C’thun early is such example but least they got perm ban

doubt it unfortunately for you

The addon goes a bit too far with all the information it provides and gives players who use it a significant advantage over those who don’t on many different levels.

It needs to be removed.

Spy is pretty good for telling me that a raid of 145 nearby horde wiped our raid of 50-70. And that addon doesn’t even count everyone.

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If you feel like banning spy, if you got the notionnnn, I second that emotionnnn

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woops, just gonna bump this up there to page 1

Who needs an addon to tell you where the rogue is at? Seriously.

As a lock I know where the rogue is hiding. Right behind me

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Blizzard buffed Spy by forcing the Combat Log range to stay at 50 yards, no more, no less, making the addon more accurate and usable.

The topic is about banning addon.

It’s even better .You can click on the name on list and it /tar the person even tho you cannot see them.

It’s great if you are hunter ganking lowbies . Basically race around zone till spy finds someone then send in pet to kill.

Level 60’s kill anyone and everyone because they CAN. If you don’t want to get killed by a level 60, then playing on a PVE server is the best thing to do.


I installed the spy addon, and now rogues just fall over dead when they try to cheap shot me. Thanks Spy!

All the people crying about this addon please return to your private servers where its safe. thanks in advance. This addon has been around for just a couple months shy of 11 YEARS and its just now an issue? Most of the people i see crying in game over it come from private servers or are original vanilla players…this isnt vanilla this is classic wake up.

The addon is for terrible players and takes away from the fun of the game. Veterans are always panning the camera to scout around. This addon is basically as or more powerful than find humanoids.

I am a veteran player, this addon if anything has HELPED more than its ever hurt in this game. Dont be blind.