Classic WoW was not like this - Not worth my money

if kurinnaxx is the most balanced, this issue is worst than expected. im on there and its just constant alliance slaughter. Idk if everyone is hiding but its hard for us to do much unless we really go off into the distance and grind in which case its more managable. they control all the high level zones at all times of day.

After that experience, I don’t even bother anymore. It’s a total gamble as to whether some seemingly impossible event, like what I just described, is going to happen vs. them actually wasting the interrupt. It’s definitely easy to get outplayed by bad players in that way, especially with how high burst is.

Yeah there’s a lot of BS that goes on, thankfully my class is faceroll and I can just stomp people with little to no effort 90% of the time. As long as it’s not a warrior or rogue with FAPs… that’s bad news bears

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I have 15 years of exp over Chian and Taiwan server. But still, because i was late for the classic, i’m now only lv54. It is impossible for anyone to beat 4-5 lv60 hordes. In our server hordes are grouped to intentionally kill those leveling players. I know this is a pvp server, but it seems that if the horde keeps swiping out leveling alliance in this way, it will become a horde pve server for them.

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Yeah, based on the data available through raid logs, at, Kurinnaxx is showing at about 45:55 with a little over 1900 people raiding.

And this is on perhaps, the most balanced PVP server out there.


Well, this definitely helps address the faction issues.

Cant complain seeing as we didnt have to pay $40 for classic which is what it should of been priced at.

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Yeah I don’t run spy, I don’t even remember people running it on any of the private servers I played on either. Hopefully it’s less of a dependency for some people now.

I do after I logged on->rezzed->hearthed to IF->checking mail->ganked by 2 rogues :smiley:

I think it’s broken AF but I’m not going to turn down that kind of advantage. Plus, rank 1 Holy Nova spam with reach talent is pogchamp for popping rogues out.

Lmao yeah I have no Ill will towards people who use it, I see it as basically a dumbed down DBM for pvp. It’s not like it automates anything anyway.

Aww how cute. More “Little Hercules” who thought they were the bestest evar at PvP found out that they are anything but are now quitting…Shoulda rolled PvE if you can’t handle it.


Try playing a horde rogue against all the perceptions. Impossible to get away and every human rogue gets the opener on u.

Also the +swords is like a free edgemasters.

/yawn. Another edgelord scared to post from their Classic toon :slight_smile:

Humans always had perception.
Used correctly it’s game changing in certain BGs.
Sorry that’s lost on you.

POE 2 looks so good but i dont know man im farming and fishing just fine, sounds like people need to stop going to common areas and explore areas people dont go normally

It’s pretty extreme out there, on my server too. I am still having fun with it but I am seeing what you are describing with a lot of demoralized lvl 60 alliance hiding in the capital cities or playing low lvl alts. It was a huge mistake to have the server populations be so high. When I was playing vanilla as horde on skullcrusher our server had a good faction balance and the pvp was a blast. This time around I went alliance for a challenge and boy am I getting my challenge! It’s too extreme I think. Target rich environment is an understatement! I understand why some alliance give up and hide with these kinds of odds. Don’t cry to me when you have nobody to kill as horde just sayin.

let me know where you fish, i’ll spend my days there, and i’ll bring friends… we can all farm your lesser known zones

The players knew about this and still all rolled Horde.

No, find your own spot.

Did you even play the original World of Warcraft? It was just like this… especially when honor was introduced. The only big difference was back then there were way more players.

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