[H] US <S4H> Looking for more for SL!

Squishy for Healies

A fresh and new guild forming on the US - Madoran/Dawnbringer/Azuremyst/Staghelm realm (hhhah… “Madoremyst Dawnhelm”).

Raid times:
Wed & Mon
9 PM - 12 Midnight (central)

We have our raiders with 4/12 Mythic Ny’ experience and a Raid lead with Leading experience since WotLK. Join us as we try to build from scratch and push from normal to heroics to Mythic raids with a more lax environment of friends that want to kill Mythic bosses while still swapblastting the raid lead and spouting memes the whole time! Come have fun progressing through Shadowlands in this guild of jaded jokesters!

(That’s too many “!” for MY tastes.)

Hit me up for any more additional information.
Btag: Mancis#11602
Discord: Mancis#6014

Skeptical? NO PROBLEM. We also are currently doing runs all week for the next couple of weeks in Normal, Heroic, AND Mythic Ny’ for recruitment (so if you see us in the listing feel free to drop on by). When you get in the run feel free to join our discord to see how our personalities REALLY are and if we are a match for you.

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Don’t care about raiding? -Well that’s OK! Here at S4H, we tackle all aspects of content, except Pet Battles, go play Pokemon. Find players to help you kill, or to help console you in the arena! We have an unofficial M+ night (come make it official, i fkn dare you.) So what are ye waitin fer champoon, come be squishy, so we can HEEL YER WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONDS

Did a good heroic night tonight and killed another Heroic N’zoth. hoping to get this into a full fun guild run. Come join the fun, would love to have more healers!

got a solid group, knows their stuff but lacking personnel. Going strong into SL

Hurry and get us some healers, you can’t force me to heal every time!


To everyone else: I can personally assure you, our fearless leader will perform personal favors of the explicit nature should you wish it if you join our guild.

Make certain, beloved, that ye know how to prepare thineself for all the pounding we shall receive upon our deaths (or second deaths for some) in our search for glorious phat lewts.

NORMAL RAID TONIGHT. had a slow start but got it going just fiiiine. was also an off night so only me and the pugs versus the woorrrllld! got some recruits too. COME JOIN US FOR MORE OF THE FUN.

I shot you an add on bnet, but its a lot easier for me to talk through discord. you should add your discord tag to the above post too :3 or you can add me on discord at tundera#1011

I should. Thank you. Added!

easy mythic run, got through the first 3 pugged!

What a great Mythic run we had, did first 3 mostly one shots. Will be picking it back up tonight so come join us for some Chad pulls and feed that doge

FINISHING UP HEROIC THIS COMING SUNDAY AND MONDAY. Come join us! We may just be the guild for you!

We should be finishing up heroic tonight to complete Ilgy and Ra-den wings. Come one come all! 9pm Central

had a great main raid night last night. Good and caz Heroic Ny’. Doing another off night tonight for normals so come join us. great way to prod around and see if my beautiful voice is to your expectations~~~!

We were able to get down the first 3 on Mythic Nya Friday night, but we still need more to come! Help us fill our Mythic team! :smiley:

Good vibes and some new recruits! Still running some Heroics even through the pre-patch.