[H] <Hoversail> 2 Night Mythic Guild (Wed/Thurs 9-12 P.M. EST)

<Hoversail> is a newly formed guild whose main core is 4/8 Mythic Eternal Palace. We are looking to bolster our ranks going into 8.3 and Ny’alotha. Our long-term goals are: building a team capable of pushing Cutting Edge content, maintaining a laid back but professional raiding environment, and pushing high-end Mythic plus content.

Raid Times:

Wednesday/Thursday: 9:00-12:00 P.M. EST

Recruitment Priorities:

Disc/Holy Priest: High

Fire Mage: High

Boomkin: High 

Warlock: High

**We will consider all applicants regardless of our current recruitment needs based on their ability to perform.

You can apply by visiting our website and clicking apply:

or by reaching out to us in-game:

434 Havoc DH/432 Mistweaver Monk LF M+/Raiding guild [Horde - US]
Redacted - Closed
443 Ele Sham LFG
Disc Priest LF H/M EP and N/H/M Ny'Alotha Raiding Guild
No Longer searching
448 Aff/Destro Lock LF Raiding guild
LF mythic raiding guild next tier Warr/multiclass
[A] 445 Mage looking for a Guild
[A] Mage LF Raid Team for 8.3 and ShadowLands (Cyclone BattleGroup)
[H] 441 Mage LFG Mythic Guild
Disc Priest Ilvl 440 LF Guild
H/ dis priest LF guild for normal and heroic
[H] Healer/RDPS LF guild
Mage LF 2 day Mythic guild
[H] 441 Aff Warlock LF guild
Returning player looking for a mythic raiding guild
LF raiding guild after being away
[A] 445 rdruid and 440 fury war lf guild
Shadow/disc priest or bal/resto dru LF M guild for 8.3
Balance Druid LF Horde Guild
445 Ele Shaman LFG *Long time raider*
6/8M Mage LF Guild for 8.3
440 shammy lf guild
Looking for a new Raid team because of work
441 Mage LF Mythic Guild
7/8m disc priest (prev CE) LF guild
[H] 438 ilvl 4/8M BM Hunter LF Mythic Raiding Guild
(H) 440 Resto/Blanace druid LFG
6/8 M Resto Druid Looking for raid 8.3
434 Holy/Ret Pally LF Raiding Guild
Experienced resto druid
6/8M 445 Hunter LF Guild for 8.3
7/8M raider LF 9pm PST start
Deleted, No longer needed
6/8m LF 8.3 guild
4/8M Havoc LF mythic guild
442 demonhunter lfg
6/8M, Former CE Ret looking for 3-5 days Raiding guild
440 Havoc/Veng DH LF CE Guild
440 DH LF mythic prog raiding guild
440 Havoc 4/8M LF guild
7/8m disc (prev CE) LF guild for 8.3
Ele LF CE push [horde]
438 Druid. (Any spec) LF new home
8/8M Balance Druid LF Raiding Guild
430 Havoc DH LF Late Night
Delete please
Please delete this post
[H-US] Returning Player - Looking for later night guild for 8.3 and beyond
7/8M hunter looking for 8.3 and beyond
Delete please
Ele Sham LF Guild
[H] 441 Mage LFG
Boomkin LF Raiding Guild
Returning DH LF Late Night Guild
[H] 6/8M 440+ Disc Priest LF Mythic Raiding
2 players: Looking for serious M guild
440+ DH LF CE Guild
440 DH LF mythic prog guild on Area 52
448 (8/8M 9/9M) Mage LF Horde Mythic Guild
432 Havoc DH
443 BM Hunter LF Raiding Guild
Returning healer main looking for new home [H]
432 Warlock LF H/M Raiding Guild
Returning healer looking for raid guild
1301io Resto/Balance Druid 438
430 Boomkin LF Late Night Raid
445 Warlock LFRaiding Guild
Healer LF AOTC + guild
LF Pacific mythic raiding guild
DH + MW(or Priest) Looking for 2night EST CE Guild
Healer LF AOTC + guild
6/8M Exp Holy Paladin Looking for Home
DH/Hunter LF Guild 8.3
434 BM Hunter LF Guild
Merry Christmas
Mage LF 2 Day CE Guild
433 Holy Pally LF Semi-Hardcore Raiding guild for 8.3
[H] Mage LF Guild
435 Returning Mage LF Guild
7/8M Raider LF guild for 8.3
[H] 441 Aff Warlock LF guild
Looking for Mythic CE guild for 8.3 & Shadowlands
437 Havoc DH (or DK) LF Guild prior top 100 exp
Returning [H] CE player searching for a home! Maining warlock for 8.3 and beyond!
445 DH LF home for 8.3 (H or A)
4/8M 445 hunter looking for new home
3/8M 441 Enh/Ele Shaman LF Mythic Guild
6/8 HPally LF Raiding guild
[H] Players looking for a guild
7/8M player seeking home for 8.3
Destro looking for mythic progression for 8.3
Delete please
7/8m ele/resto sham LF new guild for 8.3 and beyond
443 BM Hunter LF Raid Guild
Please Delete
445 Boomkin/Healer LF 2 Day Guild
7/8M top 50 u.s exp lf guild
438 Lock lf guild
Returning Player: Mage, LF Mythic Guild for Ny'alotha
Warlock LF Mythic+ Guild/Mythic raiding
447 Shadow Priest LF 2-Day Mythic Guild
7/8M mage LF guild to join for Ny’alotha!
432 S Priest LF H/M
8/8M Resto/Balance or Shadow/Healer Priest LF CE guild
Returning player LF Heroic Raiding (Healer)
Warlock Looking for Mythic CE focused guild
[A] 2 Veteran Raiders LF Guild :blue_square:
Moonkin and warlock lf 2 day M guild

Bump! Looking for some great players seeking a guild for the next tier!

Rank 3 blood grinding anyone? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Reset day! What did you get?

Looking for a competitive home? Come check Hoversail

Still looking for exceptional players.

What I want to know is why haven’t you applied yet? NEED MOAR APPLICANTS

Sunday Funday! Amirite? In need of a Disc Priest and strong range DPS!

Still looking for exceptional players.

Merry Christmas! Get anything cool? Recruiting a DH and Disc Priest!!!

All expectional dps should apply!!

Boop boop Twiggy!

sent a btag request i have a few questions! failfixer#11337

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Have you ever lost track of what day it is? I do it often

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No, normal people go outside unlike you… <3

Disc Priest
Strong range dps


Disc Priest
Strong range dps


Disc Priest
Strong range dps

Is 8.3 out yet?

Less than a week away from 8.3!! Running heroic EP tmrw night, should tag along and hang out!


Disc Priest
Strong range dps

8.3 next week!!

Disc Priest
Strong range dps

439 Warlock 3/8M EP - Your raid times work perfectly and I would love to discuss joining the raid team. Parses are up on warcraftlogs.