Group Loot in Raids

Sometimes you end up with half of the loot from a boss, sometimes with nothing for the whole clear, so about the same as personal loot with the added benefit of being able to freely trade gear.

Players: “master loot is crap! I got cheated!”

Blizz: “if you sign up for a raid with master looter, you agree to letting the master loot do loot as they see fit.”

Players: “it’s not fair!!”

Blizz: “Fine. Here’s personal loot.”

Players: “Personal loot sucks! It’s not fair!”

Blizz: sigh …. “Okay, here’s group loot. Same thing as personal loot, except now you can see the rolls.”

Players: “GROUP LOOT SUCKS! We want personal loot back!”

Blizz: ………


I’d feel better if there was a currency system in place that’d let me purchase gear.

As it stands I’m still at the mercy of the RNG gods and it doesn’t encourage me to play with eagerness.

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I won some tier pants on my first LFR run on this character who is an alt and my girlfriend who has been playing a lot more than me and been doing LFR, normal, and heroic on just one character with no tier was very mad at me lol

And yeah, that’s pretty messed up. It should definitely not work like this.

This 100%! This is actual bad-luck protection that is transparent to the player! I think they played with this in season 4 of shadowlands, but they just hate that players could get what they want “early” and then un-sub. Bad logic on their part, they should just space how often you get tokens to match their sub-time threshold.

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We have a hotfix coming to the game later this week. With this hotfix, we will have:

  • Fixed some situations where players could win Need rolls on duplicate items in a single roll session when it should not have been possible.

This has already been working as intended for most items, but should now include items such as Tier Tokens and weapons.

Additionally, we’ve got some updates to loot distribution coming in 10.0.5–

  • Fixed an issue where, in some rare cases, players would get less loot than they should have on certain Raid sizes.
  • Fixed an issue where players could unconditionally roll Need on Set Tokens. The system will now check if the player owns the Token or the Set Piece itself at equal or greater power.
  • Players can no longer roll Need on any Profession recipe that they have already learned.
  • Players can no longer unconditionally roll Need on 1H weapons (or 2H for a Warrior in Fury loot spec).

For that last one, in 10.0.5, the system will now thoroughly identify if you can dual-wield the weapon in question, based on your loot spec. If you can, and you already have two versions of it at least as powerful as the item being rolled for, you can’t Need the item.




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Hello, Fury Warrior main here.

I think I speak for all dual wielding classes when I say please don’t.


You could just go back to PL too but whatever.

I am sure many folks who claimed these things were happening only to be told “IMPOSSIBLE!” will feel vindicated.


Read the bottom. You’ll be able to get two weapons. But be able to roll no more than that if having equal ilvl.


I absolutely hate the current loot system. I have terrible luck when it comes to rolling against other players. I have in the 4 weeks of running now gotten 1 piece of gear, and that was by the warlock who won the tier piece taking pity on me and giving me the token so I could get my 4 piece. Personal loot where you don’t go 30+ boss kills without an item was significantly better!


did you actually read the whole thing? because they specifically address the fury warrior thing towards the end.
so you -will- be able to roll need, -unless- you already have two weapons of the same or higher lvl.


Or go back to personal loot. The behavior of group loot in a pug system like LFR is TOXIC


Sad to see ya’ll are doubling down on this horrible system rather than just giving us personal loot + free trading.

Even if you fix all of the bugs with Group Loot it’s not gonna change the fact that this system is just unnecessarily toxic.


Not in a single session.

Yes. A rogue should be able to roll need and win both agi daggers that drop on a single terros kill. They need both.

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How about just go back to personal loot?


Please just go back to personal loot, or at least bring it back as an option for normal and above raids and for sure make it the default for LFR.


IMO: personal loot was better than it is now. Because, now when u join a pug the raid leader makes it so no one is competing for his token and there’s 9 others on your own. also the trinket/rings… don’t even get me started… RARE and EVERYONE even healers and tanks use them. so yea never getting any loot in pugs you have to be in a guild


Or how about Blizzard just remove group loot from pug groups :clown_face:


So does this mean it’s now impossible to farm transmog, and there’s no reason to queue for anything you outgear?