Extending Azerite Knowledge

The Azerite Knowledge system that periodically reduces the Artifact Power required to level up the Heart of Azeroth was originally intended to pause after this week. However, after considering feedback and looking at current Heart levels across the community, we’re extending it for another four weeks. The final increment until the upcoming Rise of Azshara content update will now occur with the weekly reset the week of April 23.

This change should give more players the opportunity to attain Azerite traits on current gear and reach the current maximum artifact level of 50 before the major Heart of Azeroth system update coming in Rise of Azshara. We’ll have more details on that soon.


I mean really what’s the point of grinding for AP when the next patch will make it all irrelevant? Oh right there isn’t one.


This is great news, time to power up necks on my alts!

Contributing higher DPS/Healing/DR to your groups in the current season? Also they said we don’t have to regrind for azerite armor, but probably will need to for the new neck stuff, whatever it is.

Basically, this is very nice for those of us who actually give a crap about hitting Neck Level 50.


This will save me 60-65k ap getting from 46-50 if I keep my weekly pace. Great change.


So don’t grind? I’ve never felt compelled to really grind since like opening week or two of BFA.


This is really awesome from my point of view as mythic raider, been slowly burning out on the game. Please just don’t make the grind leading up to Azshara raid as bad is it was leading up to BoD.

I know people will say self-imposed, but making AP grind a bit easier doesn’t hurt casual players and only benefits raiders. So there is no downside to making it a bit less grindy.


So for those of us @ 50 already, what are you doing for us?


This means I can lazily grind this basically through war table/app missions, thanks

Yeah, good luck with that one.

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Well, that was unexpected. I thought it was going to stay like it is now until 8.2.0.

Btw, now that season 2 is about to start, are we getting pvp set assembles back? I’m not talking about the glad set, but the sets rarely get from BG wins.

Hopefully some sort of intervention.


You won the game, you can go in peace.


Are you actually serious? This decision had to be done before last reset and communicated to us. Because AK was stopped (because you said it was), I used every single paragon chest and island quests I was saving for weeks. If I knew you were going to change your mind every single week, I would have saved it further. Nice way to completely invalidate all of my farm.


Same w/ your bud before you, get some help.

dude it was a joke

a joke

speaking of insecurity and lashing out lmao


Did you start playing the game yesterday? This game has always been this way - today’s gear = next xpac’s vendor trash (or DE fodder).

Nothing is All The Way Done in this game. Constantly evolving, changing, growing, shrinking, expanding, collapsing. It’s how it’s kept going for 15 years.

Keep on keeping on.


I am not trying to put you down dude, you really achieved something less than 1% of the player base has attained. Congratulations.


Thanks. I’ve made a few posts asking for something to be done about AP rewards being changed to gold after hitting 50 and I keep getting called a turbo virgin. Them turning AK back on is only going to make others hit 50 and complain about the same thing faster. /shrug I just wish they had some foresight about it, especially since they set a precedent last expansion.