Not getting Azerite Progress

Oh. Yes. My necklace is at 50. Item level 433.

Then congratulations! That means that your Heart of Azeroth is currently capped, and can’t get any more powerful. That’s why it’s at 0 right now.

The cap will increase in the next big patch, I believe.


But what happens to the azerite power I’ve been collecting? I even paid War Resources and Gold for some, too.

It doesn’t bank sorry to say.


Well that blows. Why would they let me pay the war resource and gold for nothing if they know it can’t add progress? Kind of scummy if you ask me.

Well, Blizzard said awhile back Azerite Levels would cap at 50. It was mentioned in one of the patch notes. Be assured though, you’ll be able to move past the cap com patch 8.2.


Yeah… that’s fine. But selling the azerite power for gold and resources and you really get nothing is pretty crappy by blizz.

Well, you know as most that post here, the CS forums are not a complaints venue. General Discussion and Twitter are always open for player feedback.


Whatever dude. It’s bullcrap and you know it. They should give back the gold and resources since they never gave me what I bought.


The CS forums are not a complaints venue. General Discussion and Twitter are always open for player feedback. But you already know this.


Don’t care. Complaining anyway. And put in a ticket. Guess I’ll see what happens there.

As usual…somethings never change.



Hey… maybe I’ll get my gold and resources back. Worth a try. And if not, I’ll waste some Blizz reps time dealing with a few tickets in exchange for wasting my gold.



Not sure what that’s supposed to mean.

Your unread complaint is not going to change the fact that this is working as intended. If you want this to be changed, then please make a suggestion via general or use the in-game feedback. Please do not create tickets for this issue, as it will most likely not be resolved and harassment against game master staff is an actionable offense.


Just ignore him, he comes here time to time to ruffle feathers.

Why not? What if they do give the refund? Worth it, right? Doesn’t cost me anything to ask.

There is nothing to refund. It is not Blizz’s fault for any lack of research and/or foresight. You have gotten your answer and I will not respond any further at this point.


Normally it’s not an issue, but as you said earlier, you’d be satisfied wasting a GMs time if they didn’t reimburse you. But hey, it’s you…