As much as I would hate to lose the vampire covenant, cause aesthetically I love them, I agree pull the rip cord. Get rid of covenants all together or make them ONLY for aesthetics.


Wait, they changed conduits again to feedback.

Where are all the people who said they don’t listen to feedback?


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Do you want them to pull the ripcord or are you optimistic about the outcome?

Nope not optimistic at all .

9.1 they will bring in a new system to help with the old systems and by 9.1.5 they will have a fix for that new system which will be fixed by the new system coming in 9.2 and so on .

It’s been their track record of the last few expansions.

Feedback matters!

Beta testers matter!



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Keep it coming:

Add another notch to the belt lads.

He’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaccccckkkkkk

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Doesn’t look like for long, poor Ralph.

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Been supporting the rip cord being pulled since day 1 of the covenant announcement.

Pull it.


Thats a pretty extreme stance since announcement. Why did you reject it so quickly?

You don’t even need to have done beta testing to see the flaws in the system. If you have done beta testing it only makes it so much more painfully obvious.

Let me give you an example of my first hand experience after the most recent wipe.

  1. I boost a character to 60, set my bars up, learn legendary recipes, buy all the conduits and learn them.
  2. I pick his covenant choice
  3. I use the PvP vendor to get 190 gear (equivalent of LFR level gear)
  4. I start running keys to get better gear, a Mythic 6 or 7 drops better gear than this PvP vendor.
  5. I want to try a new covenant, guess what I have to do?

That’s right,

I need to make a new char and do it all over again. Instead of being able to swap over to keep doing testing I’m just not going to do it again - It’s just simply too much hassle. Think about that.

It’s too much hassle to even beta test efficiently

This is a problem.



I really wouldn’t care about ripcord nonsense if the abilities were remotely balanced/fun for every covenant. But they are not.

Most are broken and feel plain awful. So I guess I’m for pulling of the ripcord, but I’d honestly rather have it the other way if it were possible.

again everyone a reminder. those who are anti-#pulltheripcord don’t care about the game. they are the ones who will play systemlands for a week and then go off to play fortnite or whatever p2w game is hot right now.

those of us who are saying #pulltheripcord want whats best for the game. we want blizz to give you the wow that we all remember with epic content that you can do with your friends.


God this is so true also, people who think covenant abilities are this game changing choice make me laugh and cringe at the same time.

My currently choice for beta testing is Chain Harvest, for Resto shaman.

It’s got a cooldown of a minute and a half that i essentially hit on cooldown. It’s a red chain heal that does damage also. Wowwwwwww

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I’m confused. First covenants were so important that picking the wrong one would mean we all would be locked out of groups.

But now they are so boring that it’s just a button that pretty much does nothing?


Yeah it turns out when Blizzard takes a sledgehammer to Soulbinds and Covenant ability power it makes it not much of a difference. Seems this is Blizzards way of making everything close as possible, by making them barely worth pressing. Lots of them are impactful as minor azerite traits now. How great !

Preferable really.


Again… I am still confused. Blizzard designs a concept with important powers. Players complain that the concepts have too much power, and they want that power transferred to classes instead.

So blizzard does exactly that. And now the systems are boring/ bad because they aren’t hugely powerful?


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Blizzard implies frigid storm, not temperance, it’s in their name sake. It’s always how they have done stuff.

“Something isn’t working? Hammer it until dead, and roll the corpse to software release.”

You’re purposely muddying the waters about what players were complaing about. Nobody cared if abilities were strong, we cared about them being locked behind covenants. If they were freely swappable it would have been perfectly time.

Except now Blizzard has been reduced to nerfing everything to the ground so there is no wrong choice. Was this really preferable to them being a talent row?