Heart of Azeroth after 50 - Do SOMETHING Blizzard

Azerite Abilities doesn’t improve the game in any way. Artifacts with Azerite Traits isn’t gaining anything either.

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It’s a common misconception around the forums that players who hit 50 are still going out of their way to do IEs, or AP-only WQs, or hoping and praying for AP emissaries, and then complaining about all that AP being worthless.

I think it’s safe to say that is not the complaint. How about this though:

  • Take a bonus roll for loot on raid/dungeon/world boss and get AP – useless.
  • Open weekly M+ / PVP chest, get same item you got the last 2-3+ weeks, and get AP – useless x2
  • Do emissaries for the rep, or whatever reason players do emissaries. All emissaries carry at least 400 AP if not 1900 AP – all useless.
  • Paragon caches for gold/war resources/toys/pets, get 2500 AP – useless.

These are the common complaints – the content that players still have available to them at max level, most of it grants some quantity of AP. By design, because they want players at 50 going into 8.2 to give validation to the Essences system and the additional HoA levels associated with it. To make their mid-expansion rework useful and relevant so they don’t feel like they wasted development time on yet another flop. It’s the only reason they gave us 4 additional weeks of AK in April.

So yes, once at 50 you can go level alts, who will eventually hit BFA level content and need AP for their own necks… so not as much a solution as a temporary postponement of that grind everyone assumes players already at 50 were doing, even if they didn’t.

Not everyone plays alts (yes, I know some people don’t believe that). Not everyone cares about xmog runs, or soloing old raids, because they’ve already done that when it was relevant and possibly during previous content droughts. Taking a break is something everyone could do – it just brings me pause, that players taking a break, be what Blizzard/WoW team would want the result to be when players hit 50 on those necks.

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They should make any excess AP after 50 turn into a kind of “rested experience” for the necklace. Then when it resumes gaining levels in 8.2, that “rested experience” would give like 150% AP until the saved amount is exhausted.


Which is killing the game

I mean… I’ve been capped for well over a month now, and tbh, yes, for about five minutes I was annoyed at the fact that AP is useless on my main. But not having to worry about clearing the map of azerite every day, and furthermore, not having to do a single Island Expedition (I really, really hate them) has been a blessing. I actually have been working on my alts since then–at a much more leisurely pace than I have my main, and playing only a fraction of the time, and honestly that’s felt really good.

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Now that I’ve reached neck level 50 I just do my emissaries. :no_mouth:

Yea, like I said not everyone plays alts. I have 120 DH, 120 DK, a bank alt, and a Zanda I haven’t touched since creation (and will probably boost because I hate leveling). I also have a few level 1 alts on other realms I used to send pets to friends. See below:

https://imgur.com/g5orBYN - Kil’jaeden characters
https://imgur.com/2i4Zrkd - All my characters

So most likely I’ll just take a break until 8.2, aside from running the weekly +10 for my chest on DH. For reference, the DK is about 75% into last HoA level, and I don’t plan to do anything with that character once it hits 50.

It’s possible I’d still take a break even if there was some system in place to handle this AP that is otherwise useless, but I do know that it wouldn’t feel bad getting something for the AP when I do see it, like it does now.

I feel like Blizzard did something nice by reducing the amount of AP needed past what was planned and now people are done early and complaining.

Would you really rather have to grind 40 hours of islands just to be done in time for 8.2?

If Blizzard, in all of their finite wisdom, had actually had AP drop into your bags, like Legion, at least you could have sold those for gold.

…but for their micromanaging culture.

Agreed, and I think lvl 50 is about right cap for now but… this came way too early even for the non-grinders and if you scan the contents. There is just so much “why even bother” all over the places. Also I don’t think “give the players a time off from our game” was Blizzard’s goal but that’s what they are doing.

AP was worth something? I’d imagine people would be happy the damn thing is capped 'till 8.2. This game has had 90% worthless garbage since launch. The team over at Blizz really didn’t think anything through when designing their lovely idea of AP.

Really thinking the people there are inept or just really not suited to design MMO’s.

I think 50 on my DK today Im 49 on 3 other toons. I will admit I did the warfront build up quests on my DK and Pally.

They don’t have enough developers to fix that. Small indie company.

I’m gonna be completely honest, I don’t think they even see this as a problem. If you hit 50 on a toon, and suddenly you have nothing to do, it’s probably okay with them if you play less as a result. I’m sure the Activision side of things might have a problem with that, but when you think about it, having nothing to do with AP until 8.2 might be the lesser evil for the game over turning it into gold and risking the return of in-game inflation levels we saw in Legion, when tokens sold for twice the gold price they do now.

I wouldn’t expect 1:1 conversion rate if they gave us good for it. I mean quests that grant, say 11500xp don’t give you 11.5k gold at max level. It’s maybe a couple of hundred gold. That kind of conversion with the AP numbers wouldn’t result in inflation of the economy.

But if they’re really worried about gold they could give us TR instead. Again at some conversion rate that wouldn’t let players amass too much, therefore not worth farming.

Yeah, I don’t think Residuum would work here. They’ve been really adamant about keeping epic azerite gear and mythic + the only sources of residuum, probably to prevent excessive power creeping. I can see them being more relaxed with residuum once 8.2 goes live and most of the character power comes from essences, but by then we’ll all be back on the AP treadmill anyway.

But let’s say they turn it into gold. If they don’t make it worthwhile, then what’s the point? If AP obtained from a world quest isn’t worth at least close to what you would get from completing said world quest if the reward was gold instead of AP, then it’s just not worth doing, and at that point, why bother trying to make it a vendor item at all? I mean, would you do a world quest where the reward is vendor junk if that vendor junk isn’t worth around 100g or so?

My gripe is for AP I can’t help getting. In my M+ chest, or in paragon caches. I’m not going to do WQs for the AP:Gold conversion regardless of any system in place. But the little content I still do that awards AP over which I have no control, that being turned into gold would be better than the current change into absolutely nothing.

It is getting past the point that I think these types of flaws and partial release of content is on purpose to screw with us. There is no way a company would continue the employment of a team or staff that releases such poor and disconnected content.

I swear the lead developer actually hates customers and having to fix their design flaws when we point them out. How hard is it to fix this?

They are either incompetent or they are doing this on purpose.

Yeah its mindboggling at the best of times. If it was 2-3 weeks out I wouldnt care but i have a feeling 8.2 will be some time and this design is just unacceptable.

They really need to come up with something to cover the gap. Considering they removed the option of vendoring the excess AP in Legion, this is simply another LOL at the design team.

It’s not that much effort to get to 50.

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