But it’ll just be a 1% difference. Why are you worried about it?

Narrator: It was not a 1% difference.


I think 1% refers the the people with brain damage that think Blizz could actually balance something

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I have to agree.


That’s not how it works here. I disagree.

I would say 3%. Ok how do we figure out whom is right ?

Oh right. There is no way.

Because everytime they do miracle backflips on systems they open with:
Thread is dead now but Azerite Vendors:
Throughout the discussions regarding Azerite Armor, there’s been a lot of talk about how you earn Azerite pieces from Mythic+ dungeons. Players have told us – and we agree – that the process of earning Azerite Armor thro

Man for a company that doesn’t care about feedback they sure thank the feedback a lot eh?


Honey vs vinegar my man. It feels good to feel like you’ve had a hand. Whether or not you actually did.

Okay, so you asked how to prove numbers and I showed rental systems of BFA being changed thanking and citing feedback.

What more you want lmao.

He might want to change his name to Cleopatra he appears to be the queen of denial


I swear this whole thread is trolling and i just bumped it haha, srsly, get a life.

Because you hate people who dare to min max we know.

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Show me another thread where the original post has 555 likes

I’ll wait

It does have a lot, gotta give credit were it’s due.

just means theres 555 trollios lurking on bliz’s forums, later gater.

Not trolling something we believe in and in time like all other borrowed power systems like azerite gear , essance /corruption vendors this ripcord too will be pulled

That’s 555 Individual people who agree with the post.

Find a single other post with anywhere close to it in a while crocodile.

The 4k liking the covenant issues post in the beta forums wait that goes against their “argument”

But timbo, who cares? 555/playerbase = some small number, why are you trolling?

Yes and if you were going to get a non “one percent” opinion on a system you’d come here because there is a tiny fraction of this forum that are the “one percent”.

People laugh at me for coming here.

This forum probably isnt even one percent haha