The official disgruntled consumer thread

This is not a “I win contest” or some type of ego trip/power struggle that you are craving for. This about a company taking advantage of very weak consumers like you for their benefit

The only real winner here is acti-Blizzard not you and not me .

I did that, many people did that during beta and absolutely 0 things were changes after the MASSIVE amount of overwhelming feedback about covenants. They didn’t even respond.


That’s about all bellular is. The guy is a clown.

Something we can agree on.

This basic concept alludes so many people.

So instead of allowing others to hold a belief other than you’re own you’d rather silence them and cancel them out? That’s very telling.


It’s not really a basic concept and this is a very bad argument point. I like the product overall, there are parts of the product I enjoy and parts of the product I don’t enjoy. The parts I do enjoy in my opinion is worth the price of admission, but I think the product could be better so I make these threads.

Isn’t that a basic concept?

I mean i quite literally put it in the original post.

It’s impossible to develop a game where everyone will enjoy everything. You have to take the good with the bad if you believe your time is well spent.

So I’m not allowed to give my feedback as a paying customer watching people leave in droves explaining some grievances people have with the game? Weird because it seems like everytime they make changes for the better of the game they mention a little key word… What was it again Yesuna?

Azerite Knowledge

Account bound essences

Conduits being destructible

Conduits having 1 week CD

Covenant Abilities not being used outside of Shadowlands Zones

Keystone Great Vault change

I put two words in bold for you, hope this helps Yesuna.

Talking about basic concepts and you can’t see the grasp the idea of companies listening to feedback to make changes. Ironic eh?


That would be ongoing game development. We play a game that is never a finished product, it is ever changing.

Ignoring the post, classic Yesuna troll fodder.

I’m not sure what everyone else wants… but I just want a game that if I don’t keep pace, I’m not MILES behind. I have lots of time to play the game, it’s just not as fun as it used to be. I could speculate why that is but part of me says, “be honest, we’ve all just gotten used to the same thing over and over again.” Eventually the creativity runs dry but the money has to keep flowing. They will put out whatever they have to in order to keep the game a profit, just like we will pay anything just to keep it alive in our memories.

Nothing quite like when a friend returns mid through an expansion and you need to mention the eight systems he needs to get involved in and what he needs to start grinding like in BFA.

Oh yeah you gotta go back and do old content to get rep, yeah then you unlock a thing called essences. Right but then you gotta level your neck, yeah you just grind old content. Right but you can’t use your gear unless you power up your neck but then you need corruption okay but not too much right because you gotta grind new content dailies to get keys to run visions. What are visions? they are like mini solo dungeons for your legendary cloak, yeah you have a legendary cloak which lets you use more corruption. It makes you stronger and you can buy it on the AH

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There’s nothing wrong with criticizing Blizzard, disagreeing with them, and making suggestions on how they can do better.

I’ve never had an issue with that.

The only thing I take issue with is just constant negativity without constructive feedback.

Like I see I Quit posts that go like “BLIZZARD SUCKS AND I HATE THIS GAME AND I’M DONE!”

Those serve no purpose.

But people making posts like “I think the time gating design of the game is bad for Blizzard’s health and it feels like this game is losing popularity because of it” is something people can work with.

So you want a game that you can log in and out of at any given time and never fall behind? That isn’t this genre.

Most mmorpg’s have both character progression and power progression. You can’t expect to stay right behind someone who plays constantly if you only log in once in a while. That defeats the purpose. Blizzard gives more than enough in the catch up mechanics that are around every corner of the game.

There’s a very clear difference from logging out after MC patch and returning in Naxx to quitting in 8.0 and returning in 8.3

Get real Yesuna.

If you’re going to stay in this thread I’d hope you start behaving.

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I’m not going to stay, I have to leave for the night. 7 am comes early. I’ll check back in tomorrow with you.

In other words you like bending over and satisfying Blizzard with your data regardless what garbage they throw at you .

What feedback you give is just trashed and its evident they are not listening to you. You know this and you accepted this is happening from beta .

Yet you still believe you are on the right path :rofl: :rofl:

No, you’re right. I think I misspoke the first part as my mind “geared up” to make my point. Progression isn’t much of an issue for me. Unless its classic, in which case, there is no catch up. I do like playing casually. That didn’t used to be the case. I miss liking playing the game. It’s difficult to pinpoint why that is though. I think what I meant to say was miles behind in knowledge about the game. The amount of stuff we have to know, which changes every expansion, how mundane it becomes even with a core understanding of mechanics. Maybe you’re right though. Maybe I’ve just lost the heart for the genre… ugh

I raid lead a 10/10M guild which is currently 9th in the world for speed kills for bosses overall ( I also raid lead a second run on my second shaman which went 8/10M on it’s second week. I’ve done RBGs to 2400, Done TC 8/8 and also completed KSM.

What about any of that shows you that I don’t think this game is worth the price of admission?

Get out of here clown.

Edit: Oh yeah i’ve also got 1250 unique pets. Love pets.

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Considering both of them look like a right pain in the butt to play, i highly doubt it.

Nobody other than Blizzard and yourself cares how much time you wasted to get your daily dose of Dophamine. Infact what you presented is evidence why Blizzard won’t listen to you and why they haven’t and never will .

You have admitted this they haven’t listened to you and you are still clinging on the all the wrong reasons why they haven’t .

They listened when they made azerite tradeable, azerite vendor, account bound essences and a corruption vendor.

Don’t get too worked up Wariya.