Do you Like the AP Grind?

I think a big part of the problem with it feeling endless, is that we have to keep unlocking the same traits. Not getting to keep any of our progress and unlocking the same two or three “good” traits feels a lot worse than “Okay, I’ve unlocked the important stuff, now I can pick up the less important stuff over time.”

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I do my best to just ignore it. Thirty years from now I will probably get angry if I hear the word Azerite.

nah, it was the same thing it takes a couple weeks to unlock all the traits and then you spend the rest of the expansion grinding out either .5% dmg or a few more intellect on your concordance procs.

If we accept having the bar set low then it will continue to be set that low. So saying they have always done it, its the way it is in games, etc, means thats how it will always be.

Gaming should evolve. It’s a creative field but Blizzard isn’t being creative in a broad sense now. All it does is add more frills and sparkly things but the core aspects stay the same. They need to start thinking outside the box. Why make grinding the fallback method? Why not come up with a different way of play?

If you ask me what different way of play, the answer is I don’t know. I’m not a game developer. But they presumably have a whole bunch of creative clever people working for them and they need to sit down, strip this game down to its underwear and really work on it. Because otherwise it will devolve into being totally unfun.

I wouldn’t mind it, if it didn’t take up 3 slots of my inventroy

It’s not endless. The neck caps out at lvl 50.

Not fun, but I’ve almost got it as high as the “5 ilevel” on my last item, my shoulders. So it really isn’t that bad, at least not for me. So I’m in the last “level” (43? ) where I care, unless I get even higher Azerite pieces which require more.

So once I’m finished in the current level, with the shoulders also getting the 5 ilevel boost, I’ll quit doing mission board quests for it, but I’ll still be getting it here and there (or from the Emissary, where it comes up A LOT right now.)

Yeah I don’t even bother with the grind, only the blow hards do and when I see them I just shake my head and laugh. Oh you have neck level 48? hahahaha how wonderful dah-lin. Except if they are mythic raiders and then I keep my opinion to myself.

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Its pretty passive for me and its not endless. Its not really fun but it does give me something I should do but really don’t.

I think there will always be a grind but I hope it won’t become so noticable so soon.

I usually don’t notice the grind til late in an expac. BfA, I noticed it a month in.
That’s not good.

It was fun for me in legion when i believed it capped ie 54 trait version, i felt at the time it was worth the grind.

I don’t even feel it cuz you literally get Ap for literally doing anything

I just ignore it so things work just fine for me.

That’s been changed.

This version of the AP grind is horrible. You get a great piece of gear, what should be a massive upgrade, but it’s garbage because you can’t unlock all the traits.

It’s a total letdown. Completely unrewarding.

Even this version of Artifact Knowledge is just awful. You bust your butt to get AP but every week you lose a chunk of that when they reduce Ap earned and needed for the next level.

This isn’t the last time we will see AP in this game, unfortunately. But I hope it’s the last time they use this awful version of it.

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I just let the AP filter in as I play the game. Much more enjoyable that way

Not the current one.

I quite liked the Legion version.

The first few months of working through the talent web were very, very exciting to me.

Latter on in the expansion, the consistent reward of a point for each level was appreciated. It was a way to progress and allow for my character to grow stronger completely separate from gear. Even when it got to the point where every point I was earning was just going straight into concorance, with very minor benefit, I still enjoyed earning the points. They felt like a reward. Though that end period, where the only thing to put points into was Concordance, was much less exciting than the months of play leading up to that point.

I really did like the Legion AP system.
My biggest complaint about the Legion AP system was the fact that each spec had its own bucket to fill. Instead of being like Honor talents in Legion, character levels, or talent row unlocks that are all held at the character level.
Much like the Heart of Azeroth. 1 bucket. Independent of spec.

However, how AP is earned and what gaining AP levels grants players in BFA is completely broken. It’s just awful for so, so many reasons. There are other threads that already talk about all the issues AP in BFA has.

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Not really a fan of it but it really doesn’t stop me from doing it…sure i would like to see a change but I think it could have been worse and am thankful for that.

I like the fact that there is always something to do, and I don’t feel like I have to do the grind as it is an extremely minor character upgrade. To me this is a really good amount of grind.

I don’t bother grinding it. If I get it from a quest or a table mission then great, if not great as well.

I find the game more enjoyable if I don’t grind things.

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