Well I’m going to return to my previous statement.

Because this just tells me that you haven’t been paying attention at all to what happened during this expansion. Either that or you’re defining that ripcord being pulled as something completely different.

wowmeta . com /bfa/dps-rankings

Here’s a generic tier list.

Go look at the logs yourself I’m not going to do your research for you.

But I still don’t understand how this system is bad? The pros and cons of the system gets told, player power tied to rpg choices is bad in what way?

Because other people might made a choice that makes them do more dps?

Again that is not a problem. The problem only comes is if the content can’t be done because of the choices you made. That is when the system is bad.

So again how is this system bad if you can still do said content with system not making the best min/max choice?

I don’t agree with your statement that ripcords got pulled in bfa. The system adjusted and changed sure, but what ripcord people want is like telling blizzard to get rid a system as a whole that did not happen in bfa.

Power tied to player choice is a core part of shadowlands. Blizzard has stated this. and this ripcord won’t get pulled.

Then you don’t know what the ripcord is because this thread is about it getting changed at the beginning of the expansion instead of patch 10.3

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Azerite Knowledge

Account bound essences

Conduits being destructible

Conduits having 1 week CD

Hope this helps!

and that is not what Blizzard wants. Blizzard told you no it won’t happen. So If blizzard followed its own rules. It would have deleted this thread for being spam.

Blizzard didn’t want us to have an azerite vendor or the ability to change azerite powers, after much feedback we got both.

Blizzard didn’t want account bound essences, after much feedback we got both.

Blizzard didn’t want a corruption vendor, after much feedback we got both.

It’s amazing what a company can do when it listens to feedback eh?


None of that is a ripcord? That is a system getting changed, but keeping the system they wanted in place.

Clearly, any changes being made to a system is proof blizzard was wrong of said system and that is just silly.

Its not just “more” dps, its “a lot more” dps

Dosent feel good when all you did was choose a covenant you like and the exact same class/spec dose way more dps just because they have 1 different button.

Listen I’m not telling you to blindly believe me, go do some research, go look up some streamers, browse some different number crunching sites and make your own decisions.

It’s a system being changed due to feedback

Which is what we are giving feedback about, Covenants can stay we just want the system changed.

What exactly do you think we are arguing?

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At the time Blizzard did not want us to have it, and they did not give it to us to later. I think the community gives itself way more credit than it deserves. I don’t play a game designed by the community.

They gave us stuff based off feedback, but acting like your feedback matters so much that it should design the game around is where I take the stance.

I want power tied to rpg choice. You don’t. So who does Blizzard listen too?

Number tuning will happen, That does not mean the system needs to be dropped.

Both of our problem with Blizzard is how fast they tune things, and it seems the red tape they have to go through just to adjust numbers. That we can both agree on.

Struggling with how to word this. So will yolo. I’ve seen clickbait like “trash” or “unplayable” thrown out for both frost and surv. But both are nearly identical to fury (middle of the pack), and I’ve never heard anyone tell me fury was “trash.”

Are we actually going to pretend that a discrepancy of 10-15% between the top and middle is unplayable? I must remember vanilla, bc or wrath much differently, I remember when they told me that a hybrid should do 10% less than a pure on principle…

If you start a hashtag for nerf fire or destro, I’ll sign up. But I don’t know how well that will go. Didn’t fire mages nearly mass knife themselves when they tried to nerf gpie, shimmer, and shield on the beta? Not sure, locks would be much different. Most still pine for the ungodly destro of MoP.

Yes, and thousands of people quit because the system in its original form was bad. They were given plenty of feedback about the systems going into BFA also.

Didn’t we establish you don’t play the game at all? You hang around the forums ragging on any feedback people give.

So, you want us to not give feedback so they can act on feedback ?

Do you want us to give feedback or not?

Fire is dead on beta, so I guess you got what you wanted? And they just took the frost legendary to the surgery table.

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acting like this is a fact. Wow is old, people get tired, people grow up. New mmos come out. I will turn it around on you. Wow lasted this long because it changed and been doing what it has been doing.

Typical raider mindset. Going to ignore this.

You gave the feedback. Now shut up? Blizzard said they don’t agree. So now your feedback is just spam.

Please don’t hamper an expansion with the potential to turn around wow with artificially time-gating systems AGAIN. It is bad enough you removed PvP vendors to stretch out play time, and have forced RNG into increasingly frustrating areas of the game, more time-gating will not make the game fun, giving reasons for players to come back to the game with an alt, come back to the game for a new raid teir, come back to the game because of quality holidays. Stacking system after system onto the core gameplay will NEVER be as effective for player retention as these.

Did I want Fire dead? No. Shimmer dead? Yes. And I’m pretty sure Fury is dead last on beta. I don’t think it will stay that way.

I can tell you exactly from my Uldir raid team i had 15 people quit because the systems sucked and weren’t player friendly. I promise you thousands is an understatement.

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Not a mythic raider here but I have at least 3 ready to go depending on content