Extending Azerite Knowledge

Lumino’s going to have a field day with this.

When I read the first announcement about AK being paused, my gut reaction was “this is too soon.” Good to see the original plan has been changed.


I just appreciate that Blizzard listened to reason and looked at the facts and made a customer friendly decision.


I can see that being an issue given the fact that I’m right now one-third of the way between 46 and 47. At my current pace, I’ll hit 50 in three or so weeks . I wasn’t planning on doing much after I hit 50, but for those who are, I can see “what is the point.”
I can see farming gold and rep chests for collectables stuff but that is about it. At that point I would take a break from the game (outside raiding for me) and play other games.

That broad range exists because people have been doing Artifact Power/Azerite Power since Legion launch and they are burnt out on it.

It’s not a fun system nor has it ever been. People are tired of it. People don’t play alts because of it. People have quit because of it.

Get rid of it. Or at the very least, make it a weekly system like Valor used to be that we can complete in a day, or spread it out over the week. Just do something different so people don’t feel compelled to spend 2 hours every day just on world quests and not being out there doing things they actually want to do.


Thanks! It is appreciated! :heart:

Now I hope people can stop raging that they can’t get to a heart of azeroth level that is totally irrelevant when their group just sucks and need to git gud since most mythic raiders that did Jaina now were not even 48.

Thank you Mr. Blizzard, you have freed me from having to do Islands for AP, a fate a I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemies.

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Or he’s suggesting that your current neck level indicates that you engage in an unhealthy amount of AP grinding. I can assure you he is not jealous of your circumstances.


You don’t really need anything since you got what you wanted out of it. You are probably one of the very few that reached level 50.

Myself I could not subject myself to something that boring.


I suggest for those who hit 50 before AK stops (again), they get early access to Pathfinder Pt2. What say you?

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Bookmarking this thread for the next Blizzard Never Listens to Feedback thread.


this wont make your current chores in the game less of them… sign me up when you’re talking about what will define the future of this expansion: 8.2.

azurite is the least motivational grind system I’ve ever seen in any game

the fact that it blocks our endgame ‘talents’ makes it feel even worse

8.2 it all comes unlocked and new tiers will be out. What’s the point of grinding? Also the pace of azurite generating activities per week to hit 50 by that time is excessive.

this azurite gimmick is supposed to make players login more often, but it is instead making them play less


Hahahaha, you sweet summer child. How on earth are they going to massively amplify their MAU statistics for their stockholders without forcing players online for hours every single day to complete their grinding chores?

Oh, you thought Blizzard still cared about the game being fun?!


I hardly even touch azerite crap because it’s boring but mine is at 43 so w/e

This is a good change. Thanks for the update.

Thank you, I’m happy about this. :slight_smile:

Actually, it’s intentionally designed so that the more you try to farm it the more effort it takes to farm it. That doesn’t translate into “designed to make players play more” it translates to “don’t try to farm it at all as the time investment dramatically goes down each week”. It’s intentionally designed to keep people from getting too far ahead while those who don’t like to farm it get carried along each week. If you’ve been actively farming AP since about the midpoint through Legion you’ve been doing it wrong.


As someone who generally doesn’t do non queueable content, and even then only does LFR when I get a satchel for Damage, there is no incentive to reach the cap. I’ve unlocked the defensive traits for the 385 azerite gear and don’t go out of my way to grind AP.

The AP I get has been a side benefit in the midst of me pursuing other goals such as Paragon caches, weekly quests, etc.