[CS Lounge] Centaurian Autumnal Celebration

I guess since I capped it I guess it’s my turn! Woot!

For the new thread, whoever is the last to post in the next CS Lounge thread when it closes please be sure to quote the following.

If this is missed in new a new lounge thread I’ll try to post it soon after the thread is made.

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*Vrak sets really short close timer
*Vrak post last
*Vrak gets to make the new thread

All very convenient :thinking:


He can’t get away with this…
:hear_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:


Hey im proud of you quoting the rules properly. You should work at Blizzard :grin:


Hahaha, nice one Vrak. :slight_smile:


Gonna binge watch Sharpe’s Rifles.


Was waiting for this. I didn’t post earlier for this reason.

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Have my ticket to see the new Venom movie on Thursday afternoon, and then the new James Bond movie the next Thursday. Both in IMAX.


I miss theaters. I still haven’t seen Shang-Chi, Free Guy, or Dear Evan Hansen and now Venom… I’m so behind.


I’ve seen Shang Chi and Free Guy. Both definitely worth it. The one I’m mostly looking forward to is the Eternals in early November.

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Keep puting off shang chi want to just havent found the time to see it and with venom around the corner more motivation.

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I have a hard time paying theaters prices.

Love HBOMax releases for this reason haha. I usually wait for it to hit sites lime HBO, Starz etc

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Cracks fingers time to break this thread in obligtory first meme.


I have a particular theater chains stubs A list for $24 a month for 3 movies a week in any format at their theaters.


I used to have that for AMC, which was by my house in California, it was really nice.


Tomorrow: Forecasted high of 90.

Also tomorrow: Landlord “Please test your furnace by running it at 85 for five minutes.”

That’ll be a big negatory, good buddy.


Negative Ghost Rider the pattern is full

Just got home with kiddo. He ate at moms so i did what any responsible adult would do. I ordered Thai from Door Dash lol


Mmmmm… love me some Thai. I really need to find a good Thai place here. I haven’t indulged since I was back in Michigan last time.

And Pho.


Agreed. I’ve found a couple of Thai places that were okay, but nothing that compared to what I had near my old house. I need a good Indian and Chinese place too. I found a place that does Fish and Chips that I still need to try, but no English style curry or chicken pot pie. :frowning:


I love ur cheeky but accurate response about the server merge question.