[CS Lounge]Zereth Mortis Dance Off

Since Ruffle hasn’t posted a new thread and it’s been a couple of hours…


/Grade A stamp
Carry on!

I want AFK. I’m glad I didn’t have to think up a new title. The last title I recycled from another lounge I started.


Hey now, all our lounges are 100% artisanal, hand-crafted, free-range.


I was actually thinking this morning about how long it had been since we had a new lounge and figured we were about due.

Mid 80s this time yesterday, and now we’re down to 40. And I’m sure it’s because I put my winter coat away again. Seems like we get another cold snap when I do that. So my fault, I guess.

I try to keep them to about 1-2 months, depending on how busy the lounge is. I was planning on closing it a few times over the last couple of weeks but stuff kept happening so I delayed a bit. :smiley:


Oh good, a new lounge, and now for some fresh coffee!


I’ll never turn down a cup of coffee.

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Unless you’re drinking from a straw.

About to return the uhaul. Helped the ex move the big stuff. Her guy had to come help with the tail end of loading as I didn’t have any wrenches to disconnect washer and gas line from dryer.

Then he helped with the unload while we both mercilessly talked trash to her.

Was kinda nice actually lol. Told him good.luck I signed papers that say I don’t have to care if I go too far lolol


Well since its a dance off

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can we spike the coffee? after the week i’ve had at work i could use a good old fashioned irish coffee lol

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Going to go see Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore tomorrow in Burbank. Hope Mads Mickelson does as good a Grindelwald as Johnny Depp did.

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No coffee for me! Not a large fan of it. I do like my Tim Horton’s Ice Cap’s however! :smiley: Also I enjoy my Dr. Pepper when gaming!


I prefer Mt Dew but do prefer Dr Pepper over that other big brand.

TIL about Cartrivision.

This was a portable video cartridge format that predated VHS/Betamax

Wanna check if someone’s an ancient techie ? Ask them if they remember Cartrivision

The “features” of this bad boy included

  • Had to buy an expensive TV with the player built in (with an average sized screen)
  • Ultra low quality due to storage constraints
  • Had to order via catalog at a store and they would mail it to you
  • Couldn’t rewind it as this was their way of DRM. They only wanted you to watch the movie or tap once before having to return it to the store where they had a special rewinding machine.
  • Fragile as heck. Format lasted 13 months before being discontinued

Stop doing that! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: It’s cold here now.

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It was near 60°F when I left for work yesterday afternoon. It was 29°F on my drive home an hour and a half ago.

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When I worked in the family entertainment center arcade, I was a Mountain Dew addict. Then I discovered Dr. Pepper. Which is the main reason I’m such a coffee drinker now - it’s that or back to soft drinks, and my waistline, not to mention my teeth, would never forgive me.

If I need a cold drink with flavor (I do drink a lot of water), it’s iced tea or iced coffee.

There are a bunch of different ways to make iced coffee, but since I can be pretty lazy, here’s an easy one:

In a large pitcher, mix in one cup of coffee grounds per quart of water. Let it sit in the fridge overnight. After 12 hours, filter the grounds out using a strainer and cheesecloth (or just a large coffee filter). Add sweetened condensed milk or cream and your favorite coffee flavor. Serve over ice.

“Is it Thursday yet?”

Yes, yes it is… but that also means it’s my Friday. Double celebration :partying_face: