[CS Lounge] New Lounge, Same Loungers

been a long time since i made one of these…let’s see if i can do this properly still…

puts out fresh coffee, tea, cold drinks and hot cocoa along with sweets and baked goods


Puts paw on the baked goods


heh, reminds me of that “touchy fishy” gif. :laughing:

but feel free to help yourself regardless. there’s plenty for every one.

sits in recliner and sips from his tankard



I am excited! I have an important surgery scheduled for Dec. 8th, removing parts that aren’t necessary. And it was done without the usual rigamarole of “are you sure???” that some will get with this kind of thing. It will be very nice not to have to worry.

I also had some doubts about a diagnosis I got 22 years ago, now, because there hadn’t been any real effects since then–but a recent echocardiogram reassured me that, no, it’s there, I’ve just been doing a good job at reducing said effects. Yay!!


Are these normal, are are they…special? :herb:

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i’ll just say that there’s something for everyone. :beers:


Applauds the quote

I think this is the first one I haven’t had to fix. :smiley:


yush! i did it right this time! i call that a victory! :laughing:


Just testing the quote here…will delete the quote if it works.

edit, didn’t work


An Orcs work is never done. So much to do. Build a pillow fort, plumbing for the gnome jacuzzi, recipes…

Whaaa? Whats that? Just copy paste all that stuff from the last Lounge?



Apparently I can do this. Had no idea…


$269 for a halloween decoration?! that can’t be right, even by wally world’s standards.

You’re right, it’d be about 280-ish with taxes!

Mc donaldsp then haunted house.

man, 13 years of playing a Hunter who’s pet attacks whatever target said Hunter is attacking is leaps and bounds different from a Hunter who’s pet just sits there and does nothing, unless someone attacks it or the Hunter in question.

gonna take me some time to get used to this methinks. @_@

for now, i’ll take a break, unwind before retiring for the night and try this tomorrow on a fresh Hunter.

edit: this is of course in reference to Hunters in Classic Wrath. i think having pets attack whatever the Hunter does, and their “Happiness” meter removed was done at the start of 4.0 if memory serves me correctly. :thinking:

Jeez - I’m so out of the loop.

Are they changing the hunter pet mechanics?

sorry, i should’ve mentioned this was in Classic Wrath. def gonna have to consider calling it a night sooner than planned methinks.

That’s a bit of a relief. I’ll just have to keep that in mind if I play Wrath at all. But I’ll probably just do my usual shammy if I do go over there.

But Dragonflight will be where I work on getting one character up to raid ready and do something with professions besides saving mats until the end and trying to sell them on the AH last minute (at least I made some gold on what did sell).