Changes in 10.0.5 to Item Upgrades

We have a few adjustments to item upgrades in patch 10.0.5 that we want to outline and clarify.

War Mode and Primal Storms gear are no longer upgraded by trading gear and upgrade currency (Trophies of Strife, Storm Sigils) at the previous vendors (Malicia in the Gladiator’s Refuge and Rethelshi in the Sapphire Enclave). These items now use the other item upgrade vendors that Valor, Honor, and Conquest gear have used, such as Corxian in the Gladiator’s Refuge.

War Mode and Primal Storms gear obtained at level 70 prior to this patch will still be upgradeable. However, War Mode gear obtained pre-level 70, before the patch, will not be upgradeable.

  • New pre-level 70 gear obtained after the 10.0.5 patch went live will be upgradeable.

There’s a bug fix in patch 10.0.5 to The Drakebreaker’s Breastplate. Before 10.0.5, it incorrectly cost 7 Trophies of Strife to upgrade. It now costs 10 Trophies of Strife to upgrade. This was done to make it consistent with other chest pieces.

Cool, whens valor uncap to make the game fun :slight_smile:


I bought a helm yesterday and it would not let me upgrade it.


I too bought 2 pieces of War Mode gear last night and it would not let me upgrade. “Item cannot be modified” or something of the sort.


Is it intended for the warmode gear to upscale to item level 470 in pvp? I can upgrade Drakebreakr’s Heartseeker to ilvl 408, but it’s telling me that will scale to 470 in pvp. I’m thinking that the scaling in pvp shouldn’t change, but it is.

Rogue dagger will not upgrade. I get “Item Cannot be Modified.”

I’m not sure I understand. So we upgrade them at a different vendor now? Does it still cost the same to upgrade?


It should be the upgrade NPC, not a vendor now. This makes the systems work more similarly to the M+/PvP gearing systems.

Aside from the one bugfixed item, costs shouldn’t change.

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I was able to upgrade three items yesterday without losing any Trophies of Strife. I already reported it in game/in threads, but something that may want to be looked into.

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do they have any clue the s storm about to be unleashed on these forums, this was content for casuals to get gear via primal storms and they went and took it away?like why do you people design stuff like this?


Which items? Is this something that can be replicated? Asking for… science.

And you wonder why the militant solo world content only crowd doesn’t always get taken seriously.

Ok cool. I feel like they could have worded it in a much clearer way. Like just say, “It is no longer a purchase of a replacement item, but an upgrade. And you do it at X vendor.”


I suspect it was to allow it to preserve enchants, as the old system would require you to re-enchant the item.

does nothing for any of my gear and i had it all weeks ago 385 ilvl.

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Then what are you complaining about?


Haha, not sure. I upgrade the chest and belt to 385 with trophies (the leather ones). I had 11 trophies and still had them when I was finished upgrading. Not sure if it was a UI bug or if I will log in today and the items may be gone or something? Hoping nothing happens to my account tho.

Upgrade system is still broken



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do you know how to read, or is this a troll comment? All the gear is still in place and upgradable, what was taken away?