Cant upgrade elemental storms gear

Anyone at able to upgrade any 359 gear to 385? I keep getting “item can no longer be upgraded”

Before we used to be able to upgrade 359 gear from storms to 385 with storm sigils but that NPC can no longer do it and u have to go to that PVP vendor in the back of the room there in vald.

yea, they changed it. there is a blue post about it

The OP is saying that they cannot upgrade the Primal storms gear right now.

For the record - neither can I.

When I was at 8 sigils the upgrade vendor said I could.
Once I got to 10 sigils the vendor now says it can no longer be upgraded.

Seems like a bug.

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could be, but here was what i was referring to:

THis change is idiotic. The worst feature is that Blizz did not tell anyone that their sigils would be rendered useless after this misbegotten patch. I have 18 useless sigils.
Bozo the Clown seems to be a Blizzard employee.


Hopefully,they fix it or it’s another ploy to keep people playing the game.


Does this apply to the gear you are trying to upgrade? If you got it before level 70, its no longer upgraeable. I have 3 pieces on my character i spent hours grinding 1500 flow to get, and its useless once i hit level 70! So pissed!

War Mode and Primal Storms gear obtained at level 70 prior to this patch will still be upgradeable. However, War Mode gear obtained pre-level 70, before the patch, will not be upgradeable.

  • New pre-level 70 gear obtained after the 10.0.5 patch went live will be upgradeable.

Looks like fishing is the thing for me now,dashing my hope. No wonder no one is doing those storms now.

Standing on the shore watching the ships on the horizon and dreaming the day when I can travel the seas.

i just bought a 359 piece tryed to upgrage can no longer be upgraded just put the vendor back blizz it was working fine.


same had 0 problem before the change bought a second chest just to be 100% it wasnt pre 70 or any of that garbage and stil says this item can no longer be upgraded. Last night it was fine but i only had 9 sigils,so went and got the one i needed and now its broken


Just bought a piece of 359 went to item upgrader…says 1/2 but getting same

“item can no longer be upgraded”

what gear can sigils be used on then?

this is lame.


This is just Blizzard complicating and breaking systems that worked fine. There was no reason whatsoever for this change as outlined in the Blue post. It is a bad change just for the sake of change. Poor development.


Any of the 359 gear u purchased with elemental overflow could be upgraded to 385 before this patch which was from the vendor right next to Mythressa but that has been changed. It only costed you x amount of primal sigils which you could get about 9 or 10 weekly as long as you kept the 359 piece it was easily upgraded. So do not vendor or DE your 359 storms gear.

I think we just need to hold and wait for a hotfix perhaps before we start to panic.

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I just bought it I wont vendor or DE it.

Item upgrader is not working for it.
They should not have changed it, it was working fine before.


I agree, I think they will fix it though. There is also a new vendor in the primalist future that we can get 385 rings/ necks from so be sure to check that out. There’s a new currency for this though.

So what are the Storm Sigils for now?

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Fodder until they hotfix this cruft :joy:

Wonder how the internal team discussion went that led to this change.

I bet you I know “It only affects those whos gearing path is from outdoor content, most do M+ and raids so who cares”

I might be exaggerating but im super TiLted right now and cranky


Then there’s no reason to elemental storms anymore.
Way to kill the content that people were actually doing.

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