10.0.5 - How to upgrade primal storms gear now?

i did a shoulders and it counted
most of the stuff is not counting atm

I found the upgrade npc, upgraded one piece of primal storms to 385, but now I can’t upgrade a second piece? I don’t see any blue post identifying a restriction of one per day/week. Blizz help?

Wise decision.

Gear is temporary. Mounts are forever.

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then its 1 upgrade per account because i upgraded something on one char and it doesnt work on any other char now, I just hope its all just a bug and not some low stealthy crap they decided to do but i wouldnt be surprised

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My blue items are all saying “This item can no longer be upgraded” been waiting for a few days for the storms to reset so I could upgrade. Please fix this as I have already spent my elemental overflow on Blue items,

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Here is the Blue post about it:


but it doesnt work. hopefully they fix it soon


Sounds like it is buggy for certain items and people. I haven’t seen a Blue post about that yet…would be nice.


Were they any chance items you bought prior to turning 70?

I just bought an item and went straight to the PVP guy. It still failed to work.


Blue post about it.

still don’t work i just bought a piece cannot be upgraded and its a 359 piece good job blizz why couldn’t you just leave the damn vendor.


I hate the fact that I have to read through forums, reddit, wowhead, etc. to figure out how to do so many things … why is this not integrated into the game, a simple natural language search: “What to do with Storm Sigils after 10.0.5?


Mounts and achives

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Wow. Pretty sure I picked up a quest last night for 2 Storm Sigils. I was going to use that stuff to upgrade alts. I have only completed one to LFR level last week. Seems early in the expansion to remove something like that. Maybe I am just really slow.

When it this getting fixed? It’s not listed as a known issue in Patch 10.0.5 Known Issues and Information -- Updated January 25 – only “The upgrade preview for War Mode or Storm items may display a higher item level and stats than the player will actually receive.”

Was the upgrade mechanism disabled in 10.0.5?

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No, just mounts.

Sometimes achievements get turned into Feats of strength.


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Oh great. I just today found out that’s it’s Primal Storms that give the solo player purple gear and now that is screwed up. Thanks Blizzard! :angry:

found it

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I can’t speak for anyone else, but I have been able to upgrade my alt gear through the vendor in the PvP quest area.