10.0.5 - How to upgrade primal storms gear now?

Here is the Blue post about it:


but it doesnt work. hopefully they fix it soon


Sounds like it is buggy for certain items and people. I haven’t seen a Blue post about that yet…would be nice.


Were they any chance items you bought prior to turning 70?

I just bought an item and went straight to the PVP guy. It still failed to work.


Blue post about it.

still don’t work i just bought a piece cannot be upgraded and its a 359 piece good job blizz why couldn’t you just leave the damn vendor.


I hate the fact that I have to read through forums, reddit, wowhead, etc. to figure out how to do so many things … why is this not integrated into the game, a simple natural language search: “What to do with Storm Sigils after 10.0.5?


Mounts and achives

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Wow. Pretty sure I picked up a quest last night for 2 Storm Sigils. I was going to use that stuff to upgrade alts. I have only completed one to LFR level last week. Seems early in the expansion to remove something like that. Maybe I am just really slow.

When it this getting fixed? It’s not listed as a known issue in Patch 10.0.5 Known Issues and Information -- Updated January 25 – only “The upgrade preview for War Mode or Storm items may display a higher item level and stats than the player will actually receive.”

Was the upgrade mechanism disabled in 10.0.5?

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No, just mounts.

Sometimes achievements get turned into Feats of strength.


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Oh great. I just today found out that’s it’s Primal Storms that give the solo player purple gear and now that is screwed up. Thanks Blizzard! :angry:

found it

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I can’t speak for anyone else, but I have been able to upgrade my alt gear through the vendor in the PvP quest area.

Try it now, I was able to upgrade my 359 2H weapon to 385 after 2 days or getting error messages.

They may have fixed the bug.

I, too am a solo player so this is important to me, makes WQs much easier

Mine is working now

it was me i broke the vendor.

and you wonder why we leave belfs out in the cold while were enjoying our warm hot tubs.

This change needs to be reversed. Working or not, it’s awful.