Unable to upgrade Drakebreaker?

Can’t upgrade Drakebreaker gear even though it says 1/2 upgrade levels. It only says “This item can no longer be upgraded.” at the item upgrade vendor. Is there a reason for this? I assume it’s a shadow disable because of the ilevel in pvp bug that’s going on, but I have seen zero mention from Blizz on this matter.

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This post may apply to your issue:

If you otherwise believe you may have encountered a bug, I’d recommend posting in the Bug Report forum so our QA team can take a look.


Ya no, I even double checked to see if the item was from a world quest by just buying a new one and it’s still giving me. “This Item can no longer be upgraded.”. Even tried going to the Shadowlands Item Upgrade person to see if it’s the valdrakken one and doing a different item (my back I bought last night). I’ll report this to Bug Report.

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