Malicias purchase tab doesnt exist anymore

Is anyone else having a problem with Malicia? I cant spend my trophies at her anymore since the purchase tab doesnt exist.

Tried restarting, disabling addons, etc etc.

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Had the same issue but just figured it out. You talk to Corxian. the same guy who does the upgrade for honor and conquest gear. Still requires Trophy of Strife.


Just says this item cannot be modified for me.

I learned that you need to have all the trophies in your bag and not just in the bank.

Yea well my item just doesnt upgrade. It allows me to click upgrade does a phase then it stays blue. I dont understand the point of going through the trouble to change a system that is working fine. Waste of time.

After ensuring I had all the Trophies in my bag I was able to upgrade my item.

yea idk i tried in my bag, reagent bag, and bank nothing works

Life saver.
Absolutely no reason to move that, or to not have it say “item upgrades have moved” somewhere.

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