Who's selling the storm upgrade gear?

Apparently Rethelshi is no longer selling the upgrades to the storm gear. He is still handling the storm sigils, but no longer a vendor with the gear. Is there a new NPC that is selling the gear?

the pvp area by the blacksmith and engineer area
the upgrade vendor
its upgrade not bought

Right here!

Yes, upgrade… bad wording. thanks

I drag my original items to the upgrade box and it tells me the item can no longer be upgraded. It seems he’s only looking to upgrade the PVP gear, not the storm gear.

Same for me

No one is selling it at the moment. Since there seems to be no QA on the WOW team anymore, the release added more bugs on top of the bugs in the 10.0 release. As such, upgrading the PVE World Gear has been disabled while they try to work on these bugs.


The NPC in the PVP building is upgrading again.