Changes in 10.0.5 to Item Upgrades

Based on this post, I just bought a warmode Dagger to upgrade it, becaue my current warmode dagger says it cannot be upgraded, and the upgrade vendor says my new dagger cannot be upgraded, either.

This post is either misinformed or behind the times and will cause a lot of grief.

Warmode gear, regardless of what this blue post says, is not upgradeable.


This is not working for me. I also cannot upgrade lvl 70 war mode gear that I just now purchased.


I have two pieces of level 70 Primal Storm gear that say ‘That item cannot be upgraded’ when I try to upgrade them at the PvP/Valor NPC.

It’s a bit annoying that this system worked fine as it was, then it gets changed because changes, and now I’ve apparently wasted about 1100 overflow.


I purchased a primal storm helmet on my Death Knight last night (Tuesday, after the patch went live) and took it to the upgrade NPC, and it says “This item can no longer be upgraded.” I am hoping this is a bug and not intended? It looks like other people have had similar experiences (though I don’t know if any of them had trouble upgrading gear that was purchased after the patch went live).

I had been hoping for a hotfix, assuming Rethelshi’s inability to provide the epic versions of the gear was simply a bug involving the new event.


here’s to that being the case, the current way things are now is going to make a lot people unsub

As posted by the other users, all upgrades are blocked regardless if the gear was acquired after yesterday, including those purchased today. Tested this myself.


I farmed storms earlier today and bought a blue wrist piece and managed to upgrade it to epic at corxian however a few hours later now i cant upgrade anything at all on no character every single armor type just says “this item cant be upgraded anymore”


Did they turn off upgrades since they were bugged yesterday I wonder? A little clarification would be nice here…


Its says: “This item can no longer be upgraded.” Its a blue weapon (1/2) from Bloody Tokens.

going to make a lot people unsub

No, it isn’t.

Storms gear will NOT upgrade from Corxian, we get a message that the item can no longer be upgraded. Bug?


It won’t actually scale that far if you upgrade it, the item becomes a 421 like usual. Its a tooltip bug.

Can you guys at least say something about it not working? Just wasted a few hours farming Elemental Overflow for no reason it seems.


Can we get uncapped valor yet in response to this, or if not how about a pve equivlivant to honor/conquest for valor, (currency haters hear me out) an un capped system that will upgrade gear to mid range levels, and valor to upgrade for say the last 4 ranks or so, that way people dont feel like they are wasteing it forever to use it early in a season on non optimal items, is more alt friendly, and can also use it for these alt gear items. Having multiple gearing paths is nice, having them all shoved into the same curency isnt

My primal storm gear bought prior to the patch is NOT upgradable. This was not in the notes. Why is this now not working? So those of us who do not do Mythics stay in crap gear ilvls?


Seems you have more bugs to hotfix.

Just bought a Primal Storm chest piece today and the Upgrade NPC (Corxian) says it can no longer be upgraded. Even though it says 1/2 upgrades and I have the required SIGILs.

p.s. The previous method of upgrading these items was simpler and more intuitive. Not sure why you had to unnecessarily complicate things.


Bugs bugs bugs and MORE bugs…


I imagine it has something to do with this thread… Storm Sigil/Trophy of Strife upgrade bugged

Seems the upgrade is disabled due to it giving free gear. Reported yesterday, someone in thread tweeted about it today too.


Yes it is.

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An item upgrade NPC should be standing every where you can buy an item that can be upgraded. People that don’t PVP aren’t directed to this guy in the PVP area to upgrade their items. Without coming to the forums, I never would have known where to go. This is vital information that should be relayed in the game and made more intuitive at the same time.