Storm Sigil/Trophy of Strife upgrade bugged

server maintenance again tomorrow now.

Yep, can confirm… I upgraded 5 items… Woops.

Same issue – upgraded two items and realized I had the same amount of Sigils (7)

Same issue happened to me upgrade 3 or 4 peices before i realized they actually upgraded

Seems upgrade issues are all over the place in 10.0.5. But I wish I had the problem you guys are having, getting “free” upgrades.

I’m a lowly casual/solo player who just wanted to upgrade a 359 to 385 with storm sigils, and all I get is, “can’t be modified.”


If you actually upgrade it goes to the correct ilvl for the patch. The notes of the upgrade are just bugged. My guild and I tested it as soon as we found it 5 minutes into the servers going live.

Confirmed here as well, reported last night.

I sent a tweet concerning this earlier today. It appears all upgrades are now blocked so the “free” ones are no longer possible. Sadly this also means that people just flat out can’t upgrade anything even if they were obtained “after the patch”.

Topic here: Changes in 10.0.5 to Item Upgrades - #20 by Beefyleefy-area-52

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Makes sense. An exploitable bug that gives away epic gear will always get shut down pronto.

I hope they have mercy on those who exploited this bug, especially if it was unintentional.

I wouldn’t want that problem as there could be a ban hammer because of it, or the pieces reverted.

Most people KNOW how many sigils they have and how many pieces they can upgrade. So I really don’t see how any could be unintentional. I know I have 10 and I can only upgrade one item. Any more offered would be an obvious exploit.

guess i know why the dude don’t work now lol. can’t upgrade nothing now.

Point taken.

hopefully they fix it soon. I was pretty unhappy that I had to buy a whole new piece of the same type because the old items could not be upgraded only to find out that this item I just bought can’t be upgraded now ether…

At least they are taking these problems seriously.

I love that blue post that stated they were fixing this issue when servers went down at 11am… only to not fix the issue. 4 hours of grinding out sigils for literally nothing… Now I get to be time-gated by a hotfix for a game I pay for.


this is not OK. Why am I continuing to get eggs when I cant use them?

Possibly related, but Malicia (wpvp upgrade vendor) doesnt actually offer me the option to buy upgrades with Trophies of Strife that you get from the Sparks of Life weekly quest.

One of my guildies upgraded all of his bloody token gear the day of the patch even though he only had 10 Trophies of Strife and of course it did not use any of his currency. As of today, he still has all the free upgrades in most all of his spots. I sure hope Blizzard is aware of this because it really gives the players that exploited it quite the advantage if they don’t fix it. They need to reset some of the gear people obtained for “free”

I also cannot upgrade any bloody token gear with trophy of strife.

I haven’t been able to upgrade my storm sigil from Rethelshi since the patch day still. I can get the quest plus the 4 drops but unless they changed who you purchase gear from, he no longer gives you an option to upgrade, look at what he has to offer.

Trophies of Strife are still bugged.