Bring back 5mans

I am sick to death of Mythic+. I get that it’s a fun thing for a segment of players, and I don’t want it removed.

However, I am sick to death of the gogogogo aoeaoeaoe oh no one mistake now the timer is gone. I am sick of having to rush the dungeon at breakneck speed just so I can get a casino box at the end of the week.

I want reasonably difficult 5man dungeons back. I want 5man dungeons to be relevant. I want to be able to CHOOSE which dungeon I run, I want to kill bosses and have them actually drop loot.

I want to be able to CC, I want to be able to strategise (that doesn’t involve killing everything as quickly as possible in an aoe explosion).

I want to be able to wipe on a boss without it ruining the whole run - and be able to discuss it so we can kill it the next time without a timer ticking down.

If I want to run the dungeon 3 times that night hoping for my dreadmist mantle to drop, I want the choice.

I want the loot to be relevant without obsoleting heroic and mythic raid loot.

The game is substantially more enjoyable when I can play with 4 other people and work together to overcome the dungeon, without the toxicity of a gogogo timer that makes any mistakes or slowdowns unforgivable. Leave M+ for those who like that playstyle - but give me back my dungeons!


the only way to get gear if you dont m+ is warfronts and invasions and world rather do all that the any m+.

m+ is for coordinated groups on coms like ion said in the q and A


Part of me misses Magister’s Terrace, i’d be all for this.


Isn’t m+ kinda their way of bringing back 5 mans ?


M+ are basically greater rifts. Full of RNG. They’re nothing like the awesome wow dungeon experience.

Farm gear from Shadow Labs, Scholo, UBRS/LBRS, Shattered Halls etc - then go do a M+ and tell me what the more fun experience was. (For some people it’ll be M+, but for many it won’t be).


You can just do mythic+ dungeons for completion completely ignoring the timer. Just find a group for that.


Warfronts are boring as - the new Darkshore one is even more tedious than Arathi, even though they’re basically the same. And they reward ridiculously high ilvl gear for something you can AFK through.

So are 5 man dungeons - at least they were when they were relevant. Was heaps of fun doing a 5man with 4 friends on vent/TS.

You can, but it’s still not the same experience, not even close. And you get punished with a downgraded key to boot.


Op has it 100% on mark. To add to a great post, I wish they would look long and hard at dungeons, dungeon grouping dialogbox, jail bird time out( people get these at times when they shouldn’t), group make up( does the group really have to be 1 tank, 1 healer, 3 dps), and dungeons themselves. Does it always have to be , Fight, fight fight, boss, fight fight fight, boss?. I find dungeons to be the finest part, but pushing us to race in mythics is not my cup of tea and just promotes cutter cutter sets of groups.


Sounds like nostalgia speaking. People got burned out from the vanilla/BC era dungeons too you know.


Sure, after a certain amount of time stuff becomes much less repeatable, and there is a certain nostalgiac effect. But the nostalgia comes mostly because I enjoyed them much more than I do M+ and the now irrelevant dungeons.

I really enjoyed the un-nerfed difficult Cata dungeons.

But I get burned out on M+ much, much quicker, and have since it was introduced. I don’t mind doing M+ when I feel like it, but I still miss proper 5 man dungeons.


Yeah, this is spot on, Blizzar taking way too many notes from Diablo 3, which was a failure of a game.


I mean. Same.

Unfortunately blizzard is making their design choices based off of what players are doing, and since they aren’t giving players the choice to have difficult 5man content that isn’t based off of precision speedrunning technology, we most likely aren’t going to ever see a resurgence of content that we can take our time in that has relevant loot rewards until Classic.


See, I really don’t have a huge interest in classic. I’ve had an unbroken subscription since Vanilla, been GM of the same guild endgame raiding since Vanilla - I’ve played it all, been there done that. Don’t really want to repeat it.

I just want them to bring back some of the good elements from vanilla/tbc/wrath that made the game more enjoyable, and apply it to the new content.

Vanilla/TBC/Wrath were not perfect, but they were fun.


I’d like that a lot too, tbh.

I don’t want classic WoW, and it’s not my intent to hold it up as some cure-all, since it won’t be, but I’d like to see if having to polymorph and sap were as hard as I remember. :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree that getting those elements of difficult in the current game would be great and probably put some lifeblood back into some of the game for me, but Blizzard isn’t going to make those changes in WoW until near everyone quits the M+ scene most likely.


The timer is the worst part of an otherwise promising system. I would love to be able to progress through higher difficulty levels like a mini-raid. The timer is only there because it makes MDI “exciting”. It ruins it for everyday play.

And it wouldn’t be hard to fix…just keep the timer for a “challenge mode” and let the rest of us progress w/o a timer. Add increased rewards for completing with the timer. It would increase the /played metric because you would essentially be creating two separate challenge modes using the same system.


While I largely agree with the sentiment, this is one cat that Blizzard will never be able to put back in the bag. They’ve created a community expectation of ‘go go go’ or rushing everything over many years. If they provided a more strategic 5-man version with comparable rewards, then you’d just have the ‘go go go’ crowd join that content and ruin the atmosphere you’re seeking.


I agree that some of the old dungeons were challenging but I like the way mythic + are right now I find it way more appealing than a regular five man was back then.


That’s fine for you - i find old 5 man style much more fun for me.


No thanks. M+ is a fantastic way to keep the dungeons relevant for the entirety of the expansion.


This. In fact, M+ gear should come nowhere near the power of even heroic raid loot.

M+ is just another symptom of Activision forcing “content” that does little more than increase playtime.