Announcing RP-PVP in WoW Classic

(Kaivax) #1

We’ve heard your requests and want to let you know that we will be adding an RP-PVP realm in North America for WoW Classic. The comments, feedback, and passion from so many of you about this ruleset has been truly inspiring, and we’re happy to make RP-PVP available for you!

Realm information (names, rulesets, and time zones) will be posted before the weekend so you can make plans with your friends and get ready to reserve your name on your preferred realm(s) on 2019-08-12T22:00:00Z.

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This will make many players happy.

(Dragtuslivz) #5

Great. Now i have to go edit my post saying china gets things we dont.
Thanks. Jerks…


Welp. It works. If you make enough threads you can get what you want.

(Rondah) #7

Good for them, a nice addition.


Thank you so much. Drastically increases my hype for Classic.



Well done

(Mini) #10

You did it guys!!!


Thank you Blizzard


So now lets talk about Layering.

(Fanghelm) #13

Sweeeet. Hype level is back up


Aeeeeeeeeeeeee delícia!!! THANKS BLIZZARD!!!
Can’t say how happy I am!!!

(Esfand) #15

Thank you so much for listening!! This is a big deal for a lot of people! I personally am probably not going to be playing on an RP PvP Realm, but there’s so many people that are going to want to play with this ruleset and are very passionate about it. Very happy to see you guys listening to the community feedback!


Nice! Will have a character there for sure.


finally, been waiting

(Fellína) #18

Happy for all those fans of RP-PVP

Thanks to blizz for listening!


hi dad (10 chars)

(Priapis) #20

GASP I may actually have to roll a char on there!

(Sevryn) #21

Awesome news! Things are really starting to get hype now :slight_smile:


Yesssss! Thank you! So thrilled to hear I will get to play on Rp-Pvp!