👺 Revert Sym's Primary (A lot of Links)

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Is this what you think they did to Symmetra? You think they gave her more damage? 100% of 120dps is…120dps. 50% of 180dps is 90dps. Not to mention, it takes three times as long to get to that 90 dps as well. Take Armor into account, and you’re doing 45dps.

So, you’re ok with that?

If I took Reinhardts weapon cleave away, made it targeted, do less damage over all to your targets, but tell you “Hey, it’ll do 180DPS now!” and leave out that you’ll be doing 45dps to your armored targets would be ok?

What is happening with the forums? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
We don’t need to ask for reverts like this one because it will never happen.

Her primery is not that bad when you use it in the right moment!
I have about 50% accuracy with it and i use it a lot.

The most damage and kills is done by her turrets, they are really powerful :wink: Don’t underrestimate the rest of her kit!

Look at mei - she also has a primery that is not being used all the time. Her power lies in her icicles.

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I personally think the addition of characters who dont aim but are skilled in other ways is good for the game

Especially for us who prefer a more tactical approach to the game than a fps (things like builders)


Thank you so much, I wanna get people viewing it as it’s being buried so fast haha


I agree with Fragehardt. For the love of all that is sacred and holy, do not bring back that monstrosity of a weapon. I am so glad that it is gone.

That said, I do think her primary is underwhelming right now. But that isn’t because it isn’t lock on. I think some other suggestions in this thread about maybe increasing the ramp up, or just starting with a higher base damage could easily make it a much better weapon.

And while it certainly doesn’t apply to everyone, if you’ve watched Seagull recently (I know, he’s really good so this may not be most of us), but he can carry with Symmetra now. She CAN be good in the right hands spamming mostly right clicks. Her primary does need a buff but not a revert, please not a revert.


yea the charge should start from 1 sec into 2 seconds. And even tho her ultimate is pretty useful people don’t like having an utility ult on a dps character… I always though they should add a minor slow when enemies would walk through the barrier, like not too much and not stackable but just something to have it be more “scary”

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I honestly think the only tweak she really needs is a setup like Moira. A cone instead of a straight line for her primary. Maybe reduce the number of ticks her primary weapon has, so that armor doesn’t negate it so hard.

Giving Symmetra her old primary back would be the final nail in the coffin for my enjoyment of this game.

Bad enough they even added Brig.


Lol dude. I literally never said her current state was balanced. In fact, I just said this on this very post.

Even then your post doesn’t make any sense. Her damage output was increased. It just wasn’t increased enough to account for the fact that you have to aim now. It needs to be increased further.


Never once said it wasn’t.

If you leave a group of people out of consideration when balancing heroes, then it is not balanced.

If you balance the game around only people with great aim it will be balanced for them only and people with least than great aim will suffer.

I am not saying it would be easy to do, but the idea of ‘the game shouldn’t change to make it more accessible to everyone’ is wrong.

People with no aim know they don’t have good aim, so to leave those heroes in poorly balanced state is not only bad for the game, but makes the people with poor aim feel worse because neither they nor their hero are performing well.

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Why are you quoting me on this? I was agreeing with your earlier post, I quoted you to show you what I was agreeing to. I was throwing an idea out to “balance” her beam and make it easier to maintain lock, but not add the spaghetti noodle of death back.

Reverting it will be a nerf, her kit now is in mid range and sentry is now throwable so she doesn’t have to be in close range and without photon barrier ability she is vulnerable in close range, WHY would we nerf her?

Actually as i said in my post,

She actually dealt more damage and more often!

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This is a sensible proposition, one I agree with. That or alternatively raise her survibability somehow because currently she is a 200hp hero with no sustain, no mobility and no escape ability of any kind (teleporter takes too long to setup to actually help you escape vs. a decent player).

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I don’t care about aim or no aim or “accessibility” or whatever, but I think reverting Symmetra’s primary will give her the self defense she’s still lacking after the rework. The old version was functional, the new one isn’t; so to me this is about going back to what actually worked. GM sym mains can use their faster orbs for aim outplays anyway.

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