"Reading our Feedback"

Exactly who is reading our feedback when the contents of one thread exceeds the read posts of 6 Overwatch Developers?


Daily reminder that those few posts they “”“read”"" just means they were loaded at one point.


What do you mean, “loaded”

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Open up a big mega thread and scroll down. Just loading the posts makes them count as read.


No, there’s an “estimated time to read” part of it too.

Every single nerf Mercy received only proved and proved that they didn’t read ONE WORD. Mercy’s rework continues to leave her very unbalanced and OP, because Resurrect is on a static cooldown. They blatantly ignore this problem!

I’m losing my patience. They’re running out of things to nerf. What will they nerf next? Turn up GA’s cooldown? Decrease Valk’s duration to 10 seconds? Increase Rez’s cooldown to 45/60 seconds? Make Valkyrie’s wings part of Mercy’s hitbox? Slow her flying speed?

Even if they made these nerfs, nothing will change. The ability to undo a critical pick is reliable in ANY situation, and it makes Mercy a must-pick. When Resurrect had to be earned as an ult, it was less situational since its number of potential uses relied on the skill of the player controlling Mercy. As a static cooldown? No skill needed. ._.


but boi, plz give lore

I wonder out of all their posts read, if my 2 Bastion Megathreads were of the mix, since literally both are plastered on the front page with emojis in the title to bring in their eyes.

I mean, the devs do have to dig through a lot in the Mercy megathread, but literally the general consensus is that she’s broken, always will be broken, and needs a rework/revert.

I feel like I want to blame everyone.

PSA: also be careful, this might get 404ed since it can easily be mistaken as “naming and shaming.” If I’ve been falsely permabanned for saying Mercy was easy, then it shows no boundaries and it will take this down.


Don’t blame yourself, blame the company that claims to read our feedback and then physically doesn’t.

I’m not naming and shaming, this is all public information easily visible on the forum. It is also a criticism of the devs, which we are allowed to provide.


And they’re the ones that put us in this mess by reworking a hero that may or may not have been balanced, but sure as heck wasn’t broken.

In that case I’ll be lurking, and watch how it all unfolds moira_popcorn.gif.

They read feedback but they don’t take any advice from them, read the interview about PTR Sombra, Geoff said that he was surprised Sombra main dislike it but he still believe PTR Sombra can work, he basically choose not to accept others opinion


I mean geez, calling them out are we? :wink:


I just posted the numbers. They simply can’t have read all the feedback on the forums.

It is within my right to, as dictated to me in customer Service. Also, it’s not like this information isn’t public record. I didn’t break any rules finding it, it’s literally tracked by the forums.


I know, I know, I was making a fun comment.

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“They read our feedback”
They’re 2 threads about bastion, 1 of 5k posts and 1 of 2k posts, that they don’t even acknowledge


Seriously though, that’s more post than most of them ever read!

I’ve read twice as much as the devs in this list.


Here’s a cookie:


Blizzard loves the CC abilities. And the megatrash is yet another CC.

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Translation- “I cant handle the fact that people who went to school to build video games, have more access to applicable data than me, and are the creators of the video game I play didnt comment on my thread.” Its feedback just because you demand it and post 10 mercy threads a day doesnt mean they are going to spend the money and resources reworking a hero again cause a few 13 year olds on the forums are mad. Theres 28 heros not mercy and bastion. Every change to a hero has to have every other hero considered as well or you get crap like boosted grav dragon combos.