Community Update - 2022 in-game events (retail)

Hiya folks,

With today’s tease of the Overwatch Anniversary Remix 1 event, we wanted to talk about what you can expect from Remix events, and what this means for popular in-game events like Archives, Summer Games, and Anniversary in the lead-up to Overwatch 2.

Like standard Anniversary events, Remix events will throw open the vault doors, allowing you to unlock every skin normally available during these events, plus all new “remixed” Legendary skins. These offer a spin on our ‘greatest hits’ with new looks for some of the most popular skins ever released, and you can look forward to six of them per Remix event.

For each Anniversary remix, three popular mini-event skins will make a limited time return and can obtained by completing their specific challenges. Each challenge will only last a week, so If you missed your chance the first time around, now’s the best chance to earn these limited-edition event skins.

Just like standard Anniversary events, we’ll be enabling brawls on a rotating schedule over the next three weeks. Fan favorites like Archives Missions, Lucio Ball, and Mei’s Snowball Challenge will all be making a return, so be sure to jump in and join in on the festivities.

This does mean that events like Archives, standard Anniversary, and Summer Games will not make a return this year. Instead, the Anniversary Remix events will be introducing a new set of variants in place of the normal event schedule, all of which will transfer to Overwatch 2 along with all previously earned skins, sprays, and player icons.

This three-part anniversary event enables our team to allocate more time and attention to the upcoming PVP beta, while simultaneously providing the community with the chance to earn unique variants of your favorite Legendary skins.

We’ll be sharing more information in the months ahead about future Anniversary Remix events, as well as our continuing commitment to regular updates about the development of Overwatch 2.


Can’t wait for forum users to somehow find something negative about this


Is Lego Bastion returning?! O:


I dont fully understand


Recycled content became even more recycled

Btw the most popular is definitely Pink Mercy Just fact


Hijaking my original post to say what this basically is:
Anniversary Remix will function like the usual seasonal Anniversary event.
It will replace the next 3 seasonal events, so thats 3 anniversary events this year.
The weekly challenges will feature previous limited time event skins.
Remixed skins are edits of selected existing legendary skins, those skins will be in lootboxes.
Each event will have new 6 remixed legendaries and will last 3 weeks.


Remix skins sound cool I guess.

So, are the Archive missions on a rotation now instead of being availble every single day now?


Yes, the Archives event itself is not returning, but the Archives PVE modes will appear to play on certain days during this new event.


I don’t think so unfortunately because that was a collab with LEGO and not a seasonal event-based weekly challenge skin.

I suppose the Goth Zarya skins didn’t cut the mustard


Lol that second reply on Twitter is gold


Think of it just like how the normal Anniversary event ran the last few years where they swapped between all of the seasonal brawls each day. I think the question is whether there will be more of the seasonal brawls to choose from.


So by remixed skins you mean recolors of existing legendaries? Or will their be small changes to the models too?

For example, I would love to see all of Rein’s helmeted skins without helmets, as well as the other way around. In the Brigitte gameplay trailer we saw the standard Rein skin without helmet, so I’m guessing that model already exists.

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well they are removing 3 events which means none of the usual event emotes/voice lines/intros and such…we still get the game modes but thats a bit of a bummer


This is interesting… but it makes me wonder if archive and summer games will return for OW2 then afterwards :thinking:

So no new skin for 3 event? Just probably recolor of older skin? I Hope It Is not like this, Will be the recycle of all recycle


Will there be cross progression in OW2 as I played lots on console and have recently switched to pc and have lost all of my skins


For each Anniversary remix, three popular mini-event skins will make a limited time return and can obtained by completing their specific challenges.

If possible, Inferno Junkrat skin from Halloween please!