Ummm... what? Anniversary Remix

What… the heck? Recolor skins? No emotes? No voice lines? Nothing? Am I missing something here or what? Really scratching my head right now.

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Flop era.

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I suppose at least it gives you chance to unlock the skins/voice lines/etc you might have missed?

I literally got the skin I wanted and then closed the game

They announced this last week. They don’t have time to do proper events while working on the beta (apparently). There will be three remix events over the next few months featuring:

  • six favorite legendaries with new colors (18 total),
  • mini event skins back for weekly challenges,
  • all special events rotating through arcade,
  • anniversary lootboxes instead of regular ones.

Other games: content content content content.
Overwatch: recolored skins hello!!!


Why the hell are they 3000 coins if they are doing this? I’m not paying 3000 coins for a damn recolor. The only good thing about this I see is being able to get previous weekly skins. And they are going to do this for archives and summer games too? Well so much to looking forward to unique new skins from those events.


This is already replacing Archives.

Archives would usually be happening now.