Which skins are being retired today?

I heard yesterday that today is the last day to get certain skins? are those only the remix skins are all the event skins for all heroes?

Today is the last day to get the Baptiste Combat Medic skin in the Overwatch Anniversary Remix Volume 1 seasonal event. Play up to 27 games of Overwatch (live) to earn the icon, sprays, and skin. Winning a game counts as two games played! Once this promotion is done, there may never be another opportunity to get that skin again.

This is also the last chance to get items from Overwatch Anniversary Loot Boxes. Remember, Anniversary Loot Boxes pool from ALL seasonal event loot box pools so its a really great away to build your collection of skins and other cosmetics. If you need more loot boxes, be sure to check out the special offers for bonus Legendary Loot Boxes when you buy 24 box undle or 50 box bundle. Legendary Loot Boxes are guaranteed to have one Legendary item!


(for console platforms, please go to your console digital marketplace to buy loot boxes)


Since you’re here…any idea if the current batch of - let’s call them what they are - recolors are going into anniver box rotation next time around? Or are they a one off as well

Havent seen anyone mention anything about them as far as their future is concerned

So since this is only Volume 1 and since it also started a whole month earlier than the game’s actual anniversary, do we know if there will be more volumes to this event with more recolors ? If that’s the case then that’d make this year’s Anniversary Event the longest, which is kind of cool lol

Yes, Volume 2 will come out during when the Overwatch Anniversary event normally runs in Late May and Volume 3 when the Summer Games event comes out later this Summer. Details in this post from AndyB here:

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awesome thank you very much, I’ll have to pick up some more skins when I get home

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I am pretty sure the current recolors will be available in the next two events but they will still cost 3000 gold to purchase manually.

all OW skins will eventually be usable in OW2 correct?


20 characters, need to type fast.

Since you’re here I might as well ask a question. With OW2 our cosmetics are being transferred over, that I know. However since I have moved over to pc from xbox, thanks to cross-play, I obviously don’t have the cosmetics from my xbox account. Do you know if cross-progression will be launching with the release of OW2? Personally I don’t want to lose the cosmetics that either I bought or earned on my xbox account.

Cross-progression is something the developers have expressed interest in, but have not committed to saying if that is going to be a feature for Overwatch 2 at this time.

Will we still be able to acquire Overwatch 1 skins in Overwatch 2? Will any of these skins become unavailable to acquire in the future?

Thanks for the info, guess I’ll be stuck playing on xbox then until cross-progression comes out if it ever does