I like the skins in white but

Not number wise my dude. They are both payed only skins (would be different if they would be available with coins). Like it or not the remixed skins are the most popular. That are the first 6.

The old artist aren’t even in the company anymore.
I am guessing they have ran out of skins already.

I meant there could have been at least more effort than just solid color… but whatever. It is not like that woudl have changed much.

I don’t mind recolours and white and baby blue are nice colours, but I’m not a huge fan of these. There’s just too much white and not enough other accents etc :thinking:

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They are the most used base game skins. Not paid skins.

And I hardly see Pink/Atlantic skins, even if some people own them. Me for one.


Do we get to keep our OW 1 Skins for OW2? I thought at one point they said we would. Otherwise what’s the point?

It’s in the pinned thread.


ya pinned threads suck…I was just hoping someone would type yes or no

But it answers questions. Soooo…


The Rein re-color is sweet.

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I know they said that these are the most popular…but I still can’t imagine it somehow. :thinking:

Witch Mercy and Cultist Zenyatta, yes.

But I have my doubts about that Rein and Genji :thinking: I don’t remember seeing them often. Maybe in 2016-17 or so…

Well there are 2 more sets so 18 in total. Maybe you dont like the truth but it does not change it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Rein was not a surprise for me. The weapon sound and look is just godly. I can understand it. But Black Cat Dva? She has so many better ones…

the white witch mercy is the one i want the most. mage mercy sounds cool but its still the witch skin so dont know why they would call it “mage” rather than “white witch”

well… just image searched it and it is a “tad” different. has lightning bolts on her hat and the cane has arcane runes


It’s not about better ones. I just feel like I have seen more Balderichs, Blackwatch Genjis or Baihus.

Will Anniversary, Archives and Summer Games player icons also be available during the event?

Honestly you’re so right and I’m 100% guilty of it.

I usually wear skins based on if the map has a warm or cool color filter of it. I have only worn pink and Atlantic for countless games…. I only recently just started mixing it up by adding her snow angel skin to my rotation on snow maps.

Nah Witch is 10x more popular with the general playerbase.

Well, I’ve used the witch one 2 or 3 times and that’s it…

good for you? You aren’t the playerbase lol…

Witch is even the skin Jeff used to hype people up at the Blizzcon where OW2 was announced saying it would transfer over, it’s been her most popular skin for ages

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I’m sorry, but in everything I’ve been playing the game (since 2020), the ones I see the most in the players are: Atlantic, Pink, Sugar and Victory Fly.

The witch only when it’s Halloween.

And I have over 2k hours and have been playing since launch, Witch is def fan favorite