So...more legendary skins this year than any other year...?

Well said, though hard work is clearly being done on the team. Overwatch 2 to me looks fantastic but this right now is minimal effort. I don’t mean to rude, disrespectful or unkind but this recent event has nothing new, there isn’t even a background on the home screen. The event contains nothing new. Old skins most players already have, game modes we’ve been playing for six years, six re-skins that have all been simply recoloured. Absolutely tons of hard work went into the creation of these skins however long ago, but this is a palette swap and nothing else.

All that console players now have to look forward to until the launch of OW2 (which last we heard isn’t likely until next year) is re-skins? I’m on PC so maybe I have a chance in the beta but if not…why shouldn’t I go play another game?

What gets me is they couldn’t be assed to just turn on the old events.

Why? The last several years we’ve gotten nothing of significance for these events. Simply give us Archives, but with these recolors. Give us Summer Games, but with recolors, etc. Why remove the events ENTIRELY?


Raiku is 100% right. Just because you work really hard on something doesn’t mean it’s instantly worthy of uncritical praise. Yes, the art team may have worked tirelessly to produce these recolors–though I have to ask why doing so was so intensive for the team–but that doesn’t mean it’s valuable content.

Someone else on this thread rightly pointed out that there’s a difference between what they label as “supplementary” and “playable” content. Skins are supplementary–they add stuff to the game but don’t actually add new things for us to do. Playable content–maps, characters, modes, etc–give us things to actually participate in. It’s very important that Blizzard not confuse where a given piece of content falls, yet it seems like they frequently are! The community is, as I’m sure you’re aware, expressing mass amounts of discontent about the lack of playable content and the lack of clear expectations about future playable content and the direction it may be heading. So, why is the response, “look at these cool skins” when that evidently isn’t the frustration?

Moreover, to state the obvious in this specific instance, people are frustrated with the claim that “this year packs more legendary skins than any other year.” They feel like it’s a bait-and-switch. Now, sure, that may not have been the intent from Blizzard–but saying “nope, but we can’t tell you about what’s actually going on, and aren’t those palette swaps so cool!” ain’t it, chief. I appreciate that you’re out here communicating, Andy, but you need to be crystal clear with whoever you talk to regarding messaging: vague promises and trying to drum up hype when people are clearly frustrated do not work. It’s only worsening the bitterness in the community. I understand communication is difficult, particularly when you’re working with limited information, but it’s been a repeat point of failure for Blizzard that needs drastic and intensive attention.

Honestly, I think Blizzard overestimated how much players would value palette swapped skins at a time when cosmetics aren’t stupendously high on many people’s priority list. I think they misplayed. Rather than trying to talk your way around that, though, just own it. It builds trust with the community when you guys can say, “yeah, we misjudged what the community wanted in this instance and did not communicate clearly about what our intentions were regarding these palette-swap skins. Hopefully, you can still appreciate and enjoy these skins while we reconvene and refocus on how we can attempt to address more pertinent concerns from the community.” That sounds like an honest answer, and even though I might not be thrilled about the situation, I can at least respect the honesty. Trying to drum up hype in the face of obvious distaste & disappointment doesn’t exactly smack of honesty, nor does making vague statements about what was promised vs what’s to come.

Putting that back on the community like you did swings dangerously close to blaming the consumers. It’s like being mad at someone for wanting a steak because they’re hungry and dismissing the fruit punch Kool-Aid you keep trying to sell them! Why are you selling them something to quench their thirst in the first place when that’s not what they want or need? That breaks down the community’s faith in Blizzard, and faith is something y’all need a LOT of right now.


Yep my point exactly.

Glad people can also be friendly!

Much love xoxo

I need to watch you closer, you have the eye of prophecy.


How many volumes do you plan on doing? Were at volume 1. How many more will there be?

here is an idea.
If blizzard wants to make Recolours add the recolours in the shop to buy via OWL tockens or another tocken so people can recolour their skin and also blizzard make money so its a win win scenario for everyone i would love being able to recolour some of the exist skins to a colour of my likeing.

And for the love of god i would also like being able to select different weapon skin with other skins, we ask about this since season 3…

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From the main post Community Update - 2022 in-game events (retail):

They name the next three events that will not be returning this year, and that this is a three-part event, so three volumes.

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Yea, all 46 of them, amazingly.

Ty for the info. I am interested in seeing were this turns up.

‘‘Just wait guys, the next part will have better skins.’’
‘‘Oh, this is just the 2nd part, the last one will have all the cool ones!’’
‘‘We decided to leave the cool ones for OW2, please understand. Also OW2 is delayed, again, we’re terribly sorry!’’

I’ll eat my foot if they impress us at this point. Just disappointment after disappointment, and even more sad is that some people defend this as something that’s fine.


With the recent leak on the official website displaying the next remix unlocks- this comment aged well lolol. They didn’t do lego bastion, but Dr Ziegler, Mardi Gras, and Maestro are all coming back this time around. And this gives me hope for remix 3 because I really want deadlock ashe 0…0

I mean it was obvious that Lego Bastion will not return, due the fact that this was a licensed event.

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I didn’t think that was an official lego skin. It’s “brick”

Here is the official announcement: Build yourself up with Bastion’s Brick Challenge - News - Overwatch

It’s a partnered skin.


I never knew. It doesn’t say anything about Lego in the actual game i don’t think, though. But i guess you’re right - the skin shows no signs of coming back.

Yeah, the leak is interesting. It likely puts the Vol 3 roster at Comic Book (Tracer), Marammat (Symmetra), Kyōgisha (Hanzo), as I don’t think there were any cross-promotions with 3rd parties for those skins.

And this was the post that didn’t age well:

It’s all still assumption and speculation, and we don’t know if Blizzard will call an audible and drop a 4th Remix Volume to round out the ICYMI skins with the last 3 being Pachimari (Roadhog), Deadlock (Ashe), and Sandstorm (Cassidy).

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How about changes to the most hated then instead.

I doubt there will be a remix 4, they have only announced 3, those epic skins will possibly be put up for sale in OW2 or in some mini vault event in September.

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something tells me a 4th remix will come if there’s a delay with OW2 release, if not I feel the deadlock ashe and whatnot will not be coming back. I can only hope those and the OWL League decide to unvault at some point. (I am new- started about 3 months ago).

regardless, good stuff on that comment and prediction- your comment alone kept me hopeful for maestro sigma and dr Ziegler lol.

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